#tbt to when we stayed at woodstock way hotel.

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Winter is lame AF but winter getaways are cute and cool. But I’m not going on one this year so I’m doing a #tbt to when we stayed at Woodstock Way Hotel last January.

Woodstock Way hotel is amazing, and beautiful, and relaxing, and adorable, and in Woodstock. I really had the best time of all time at Woodstock Way Hotel. It was everything I’ve ever wanted out of an upstate getaway, and I’m new to “upstate.” Oh actually this trip was the first time I went “upstate!” I forgot! I had never been “upstate” until a year ago. And from the first moment I saw it I wanted to be there always.

“Upstate” is trendy as hell right now. Sorry upstate but you are. I guess it’s always been a trendy place to retreat to. They went there in Mrs. Maisel. Did Samantha Parkington also vacay up there?! I seem to remember her doing needle point on a pillow stuffed with pine needles off in the woods somewhere. I could be wrong though maybe she went to Newport or some shit.

Anyway, everyone is going there, everyone is getting married there, everyone wants to bring their dog there, it’s a whole thing. So I was super excited to go and see what it was all about.

The trendy places upstate all have a certain aesthetic and it’s one I REALLY buy into. There’s a record player, there’s chairs and couches that are comfy but not sloppy looking, there’s fun but understated lighting, there are some wood elements, the patterns are patterns I would choose if I was given the choice to choose a pattern, it’s great.

When we arrived at Woodstock Way Hotel we were excited beyond comprehension to check into the KING WATERFALL SUITE. No we aren’t rich. My company has a cool little rewards thing through Blueboard, and when you work there for five years you get a special treat or adventure! So I chose this to do, and it was mostly paid for. And it was amazing. Thank you to the company I work for xoxo.

So back to the KING WATERFALL SUITE, it is right by a waterfall! The waterfall was falling and falling and the sound was so nice. You could hear it though the windows. Once night we slept with the windows open and it was the greatest choice we’ve ever made as a couple. It was so relaxing and I had all these dreams about water and swimming and being inside of a waterfall and they were fun dreams and I’d love to dream them again someday.

There are big windows you can lay in bed and see the waterfall through. The bed, of course, is a king bed, which started my wheels turning on king beds and I ended up getting one when I moved into my apartment a few months later. A king bed is the way to go! I DESPISE sleeping with another person but in a king bed it’s like the other person isn’t even there! It’s amazing!

Also the bathroom had a HEATED FLOOR. I think that’s all I really have to say about that but it was the best floor I ever stood on. And maybe laid on just to test it out.

In their lobby area they have coffee in the morning (or they did when we were there) and this was where we first saw oat milk. Maybe it was around other places before but we never noticed it. So Woodstock Way Hotel is where oat milk first made a real and lasting impression on us. And we’re grateful for that. Because if I see one more abuse of dairy calves video I’m going to have to give up cheese, the only thing I’ve ever truly loved, so hopefully one day they’ll be able to make oat cheese too.

Speaking of foods! Close by there is an amazing little restaurant called Shindig. We got most of our meals there. We were like “but let’s try other places” and then we were like “I don’t know, Shindig is so good.” We did go to SOME other places but Shindig was the most important because it’s the only one I remember now off the top of my head and that means something.

It reminded me of a place near my hometown called Lovin Oven. Everything was fresh and simple and delicious. It’s like, you go there for breakfast or brunch or lunch and you look at the menu and it’s exactly what you were hoping for. It’s cute inside and you can see the Main Street and some mountains out the window. I loved it.

Shindig and Woodstock Way Hotel are in some kind of bestie situation. Maybe they’re owned by the same person? I forget. But they’re both great places and will suggest the other place to you when you’re at the one place and you’re like “yes I’m aware you don’t have to tell me twice I will def go there…multiple times…thank you…xoxo.”

So that’s that. Have you ever been to Woodstock Way Hotel? What about Shindig? I really, really want to go back. Hopefully some day…

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