sam a.m supper club.

This eve I went to sam a.m. supper club and it was everything I ever wanted and more.

Before I begin I would like you to know that I risked life and limb to capture the photos in this post. The gals at the table next to us rudely ordered us to stop taking photos. ORDERED US. I think you know I will not be ordered, and I needed these pics so I could show them to you, so I had to be brave and persevere and continue to take pics. Basically I just ignored them. And I hope those gals find the control they are so desperately seeking in life somewhere. But just know that they did NOT find it here.


First of all, they had two of my favorite things that they ever have – mac and cheese AND GRITS. sam a.m. is actually where I first had grits. Either here or The Smith. Hmmmm I’m gonna go with here.

Additionally present at this sam a.m. supper club was cornbread, a personal all time fav overall though I’ve never had it here. But their take on it is DELISH.

As far as the main courses, they had ribs, and shrimp and grits (had to Oxford comma that shit because ribs AND shrimp and grits would be too too much). And I don’t like ribs or shrimp but I got the shrimp and grits FOR THE GRITS. BECAUSE I LOVE GRITS.

The finale of this sam a.m. supper club was strawberry shortcake. I’m usually a chocolate item person about dessert but this was MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH. I realized it’s possible I’ve never actually had strawberry shortcake, because I said “It’s a biscuit!” And my friend was like, “Yeah. That’s how they make strawberry shortcake.” And then I questioned everything I’ve ever known about strawberry shortcake. And honestly I think the only thing I actually knew about strawberry shortcake before today was Strawberry Shortcake. Sry.

It was the first sam a.m. supper club I’ve been to and I’m so glad I went and I want MORE. I already love to go to sam a.m. for lunch and brunch and I make everyone go there. It’s also BYOB and they will serve you JUICE for your MIMOSAS.

sam a.m. is a little bit off the beaten path from downtown Jersey City and the…PATH. But it’s worth the 15 minute walk from Grove St to Paulus Hook, OR Exchange Place to Paulus Hook. Options, baby! FYI just so you know it’s an an 8 minute walk for me if I don’t have anyone with me to slow me down.

I hope you enjoy this pointless anecdote: A few years ago I “went on dates with” a guy that worked at sam a.m. It was September and the weather was warm and dry and golden, and I was newly thin. So I was super pumped about wearing all of my new clothes that didn’t really require a bra. It wasn’t as much about the thin as it was about the new clothes. And I would stomp over to sam a.m. from my apartment on Columbus (that I miss DESPERATELY). I would sit at the counter and eat grits and read books and he would make funny faces as me while he worked. The sun shone in their nice front windows…I just remember all of this golden sunlight. Weird. I thought it was a REAL golden sunshine-y fairytale, the grits, the books, and the dude.

That ended after a month, as things do. But I’d consider him a pal if anyone ever asked, and I still love the grits. They’re also my pal. Books too but that’s another story.

Have you been to sam a.m.? You should go! It’s very yummy, no matter the time of day. I would recommend putting your name on the online waitlist before you go – you can find it if you scroll to the bottom of the page on their website.

You should put your name on the list ahead of time because it’s really small and the wait can be long. Even if you do wait long the wait is worth it. It’s my fav. Go there. K bye.

sam a.m. is 112 Morris St in Jersey City – GO TO THERE.

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