wfmu natural wine fair.

I checked out the WFMU Natural Wine Fair on Saturday afternoon. It was a sold out event and was pretty crowded, but I was still able to take a lap and taste most of the wines even though I arrived late.

We had planned to go as a group for my friend’s birthday, so I bought a ticket immediately because maybe I’m insane. A couple of weeks later, at a normal person time to buy a ticket, the others went to buy their tickets and it was sold out!

Flyer for WFMU Natural Wine Fair

So I had to make this intrepid journey around the WFMU Natural Wine Fair alone. It was hard but someone had to do it.

The WFMU Natural Wine Fair took place at Monty Hall, where I have seen many lovely bands like Cults, Shannon and the Clams, and Desir Decir. It’s a Jersey City institution! It was kinda wacky to see it set up for something that wasn’t a rock show but I guess I was okay with it.

Monty Hall, WFMU Natural Wine Fair

There were tables set up with wines to taste, 8 different “stations” in all. Still not 100% clear on the distinctions between the stations but at first glance the wines seemed grouped together in an arbitrary way.

Crowd at WFMU Natural Wine Fair

EXCEPT for the “Wines of Georgia” table. These were all…wines of Georgia! No, not the state Georgia. The country Georgia, ever heard of it? Not to brag but I had heard of it BUT I had NOT heard about the wine. Apparently it’s a thing! And it was the first place they made wine as we know it in the history of time!

The man in charge of the Wines of Georgia table at the WFMU natural wine festival asked me, “Do you know about the wines of Georgia?!” as I walked over. All I heard was “…wines of Georgia?!” because I’m deaf in one ear and it was loud AF in there. In a “can’t hear” situation, if the speaker seems pretty jovial, you have two choices: ask them “WHAT?” and prob annoy the shit out of them, or nod and say, “YEAH!” at a level of enthusiasm that matches theirs.

Wines of Georgia, WFMU Natural Wine Fair

I chose the latter but realized later, when he did the pitch for other visitors, what he had actually asked me and then I was like “eeek sorry bye.” The Wines of Georgia was the most memorable and informational table though. It left its mark on my soul.

At one table the woman doing the pouring seemed appalled that I didn’t rinse my glass first and then it seemed like she didn’t like me at all. So that kinda sucked. But I do realize that maybe I wasn’t respectful to wine culture and as a steward of wine culture she was hurt and offended and for that I apologize.

She also asked me where in JC I live and when I told her she did that super dismissive, particular to Downtown Jersey City thing where certain kinds of people down there don’t comprehend where any location west of 78 and south of Montgomery St COULD POSSIBLY BE and they are completely EXASPERATED BY IT.

So maybe I just have a chip on my shoulder regarding the lack of local geography knowledge. Because it is a TRAVESTY.

Second largest city in NJ, I know I know.

Speaking of wine culture I’ve been to a ton of wine events but never retain any of the information. So every time it’s like I’m learning for the first time! And I think that’s kinda fun.

To my surprise you couldn’t purchase any wine there and were encouraged to stop by one of our great Jersey City wine purveyors: Cool Vines, Riverview Wine and Spirits, Frankie, or Pet Shop.

The after party for the festival was at Pet Shop. Later on, at Pet Shop, I drunkenly gushed to whoever would listen to me (which is way less people than you might think, UNFORCH) about this adorable after party sign. Look at all the happy little wine people! It brings me joy.

Overall the WFMU Natural Wine Fair was grand and I’d go again. But I would bring friends next time. Although I don’t mind doing things alone because then I can walk as fast as I want. But it would have been good to have pals to discuss wines with. Did you go to the WFMU Natural Wine Festival? Did you go to the after party at Pet Shop? Do you think they’ll do it again next year? I mean…how can they not?

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