janeuary challenge.

It’s January, so it’s also the JANEUARY CHALLENGE.

The Janeuary Challenge is a bingo-esque situation that you sign up for and participate in at JaneDO. I can’t think of a better word than “situation.” It’s not really a competition, I guess maybe it is with YOURSELF.


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To do the Janeuary Challenge, on January 1 or 2 you pick up a bingo card with 30 spaces and you have to complete all of the spaces by 1/31/20. You are presented with a FUN AF silver Sharpie to X through the spaces and it is THE BEST.

This is a black Sharpie because I’m an unreliable narrator.

Some of the spaces are like “take a class” and one is like “bring a friend that hasn’t been here before” and one is “post your completed card.” Then there are other ones with crowns on them, the JaneDO logo crown, and I don’t fully understand what they are but I use them as a free space and check them off when I go to class when I run out of “take a class” spaces. But am I doing it right? Maybe I should ask. Perhaps there is something else I should be using these for.

Either way I love doing the bingo card because it’s a physical THING that you get to do every day to prove that you did another much harder thing and checked it off your list. It’s like how I prefer to write out my to do list at work so I can check off what I get done with like a very hard and precise check mark that’s kind of like a little “eff you” to the task, if you feel me.

Bingo cards waiting for a Jane/goal/home.

Sometimes I forget my card but I’m using it as a bookmark in my library book right now so FINGERS CROSSED it stays by my side. But cards can be hard to keep track of. One year I found someone else’s card on the ground on Christopher Columbus Drive. I returned it to JaneDO, and it was returned to them, and they were grateful. These cards are a big deal you guys.

The Janeuary Challenge is also great because there is a sharing of goals component. I love the sharing of the goals! It’s nice to hear/read other people’s goals and to share your goal with them.

We write our goals on a Post-It and stick it to the wall in the lobby. And now there is a whole wall of goals! I enjoy reading through it daily.

A lot of people talk shit about New Year’s resolutions, but the fact is you DO have to start somewhere so why not pick a collective day/time of year to all start together and then we can be in it together? And we can complain together and maybe have set backs or successes or maybe nothing happens at all but at least we’re surrounded by others that are trying to do something that means something to them. And we can, AT THE VERY LEAST, bitch about the parts that suck together. I mean that’s all I’m asking for here.

My goal in the center, among its goal friends.

Sorry if it’s not like “cool” or “punk rock” to actually care about shit or your fitness or health or well being but around here we’re gonna go ahead and try to care. Thx.

Additionally the goals can be about anything! Not just fitness! I like the feeling that we all go to JaneDO and work out together and then we all go out into the world and live our separate lives and do our separate things and in a way going to class feels like the fuel that drives us to also try to be better at all the other stuff in our lives. I mean that’s how it is for me. Maybe that sounds silly, but I’ll take any fuel I can get to make it through this wild ride we call life so I’m going to go with it.

Last year for the Janeuary Challenge my goal was “Dry January” and that worked out so well that I’m DOIN IT AGAIN. And I love it. This year my goal is “Get better at $$$” because I am terrible at math and at money and at being a person living in the world managing very basic financial situations.

My goal.

That’s all I’ll say about that $$$ for now, until the end of the year…or maybe like 6 months from now. I want to be able to look back and see progress before I really share much about it. But it’s a year long goal to work toward, I’m in the BIG LEAGUES NOW. Of goals. That’s all, just the big leagues of GOALS.

So get on board, we’re all #goaldiggers now and you’re just going to have to accept it and then think of a goal.


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