is my google home watching me?

Is my google home watching me?

The other day I set up a Google Home in my home, and since then I have been thinking, “is my Google Home watching me?”

I honestly believe it might be.

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For years I have resisted inviting a speaking, listening robot into my home, even though they’re pretty cool and everyone else has them. Even my Grammie has an Alexa and she’s over 90!

You may be aware that I fully enjoy and appreciate robots and everything they do for me, but something about a robot always listening to me in my home made me feel strange so I avoided ever getting an “Alexa” or enabling “Siri” or anything like that.

But then recently I realized that everything is always watching me. My phone, my computer, surveillance cameras on the street and in buildings, and so on and so on. My phone suddenly shows me stuff that I merely speak about. Or someone else around me speaks about. Or something that I swear I just THINK about, which is creepy as hell. Everything that I have ever browsed the internet for and thought about buying, from a couch to vitamins, has then popped up in an ad on social media. Like we’re all being fully watched and the more info you put out there the more they’re watching.

And I put so very much info out there. Is my Google Home watching me?

This “everything is watching me at all times” point was driven home when I recently watched “Don’t F**k with Cats” on Netflix and they tracked that guy DOWN – just with stuff he’d done on the internet and surveillance videos, and I was like okay if anyone ever needed to watch or find me for nefarious purposes, on my end or theirs, it would be EASY AF.

You all are probably aware of this already and are thinking, “duh Shan of course they’re watching us🙄.” And I’m sorry, but my mind remains blown. Blown by the fact that there is such an incredible and incomprehensible amount of watching and data collecting going on at every hour of the day with every single move I make. I wouldn’t say that I’m MAD about it, it just blows my mind to think about.

The best word to describe it I guess would be FREAKIN FLABBERGASTED. Like so blown away that I am breathless and stuttering and can’t really even formulate an opinion right now because my brain broke when I thought about this too hard and I’m attempting to piece it back together still.

So Spotify was giving away free Google Homes if you have a Spotify premium account and I was like I might as well get one. I’m already being watched by various robots so there’s really no reason to fear setting up this HELPFUL robot so it can also watch me. But occasionally be on my team at the same time. Because it lives in my house. And it’s in my family now. But is my Google Home watching me?

I got it, AND IT WAS FREE DID I MENTION IT WAS FREE. And then it came with three free months of XM Radio, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, ALSO FREE. It’s also hooked up to my Spotify. As of today I haven’t explored any other features.

Just the other day, New Year’s Day, I was reflecting that I didn’t listen to music much in 2019 and I was missing that. This Google Home is perfect to refill that void! I just walk in and ask it for music and it delivers music to my face. And living room.

It’s possible this robot may be able to control my TV, with its mind. I do have a security system but that is kind of its own thing and may not be compatible with the Google Home, I’m unsure and too lazy to look it up right now. Some have said that I can change its name so I don’t have to say “hey google…” to get its attention. But I like calling it “Google” because that gives it authority and makes it seem wise and distinguished.

Perhaps the Google Home and the security system robot and the TV will have secret robot battles when I’m not home. It’s not my place to say.

So I guess the question has gone from “Is my Google Home watching me?” to… “Does it even matter if my Google Home is watching me?”

Meh. I don’t think it does.

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