package of treats from

Today at work I was surprised by a cute little package of treats from!

I think they just threw me some extra stuff last month because I bought so much stuff from them in the past year that the stuff piled on top of the stuff and they could no longer keep track of the stuff so they were just like “Hey! Send this gal more stuff! She loves it!”

And I do love the stuff! Especially this little package of treats from! I love all of their stuff, it just makes me smile. I swear I don’t work for them. Also I’m in their “Friend Zone” rewards program so I guess that FULLY EXPLAINS IT.

It was a big surprise because we only check our work…mail-mail…snail mail…rail mail?…Gail mail? (that’s when Gail the kunekune pig delivers it to you)…once every month or something like that. So this was sent to me before the holidays but I didn’t even know it was there waiting for me until today. It was just hiding in the mailbox giggling, getting excited for me to find it.

I may have mentioned previously that my personal mail and packages are STOLEN FROM MY HOME EVERY TIME so I need to get important shit mailed to me at my office. I get my monthly NJ Transit light rail train pass mailed there because IT HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM MY MAILBOX. But forget the train pass for now because today I had a surprise little package of treats from waiting for me!

I skipped back to my office with the little package of treats from in hand and couldn’t wait to sit down and open it to see what was in there. It was a nice feeling to get a little surprise out of nowhere.

This being the most Monday of Mondays that I have ever experienced, it was so so lovely to get a surprise treat and I really appreciated it. I was really, really dreading this day and the package of treats from really changed everything.

There are STICKERS.

There are POSTCARDS.

There is a LITTLE NOTE to warm my sad January Monday soul.


You guys, “it’s the little things,” as they say.

Thanks, ur cute and I’m glad I ordered enough of your awesome stuff to get additional awesome surprise special stuff.

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