holiday hangover.

Everyone knows about the holiday hangover.

It’s a real and unavoidable phenomenon. After the lights and the trees and the Santas and the reindeer and the sequins get put away, we’re left with nothing to live for. The trees are bare and the grass is brown and it’s going to snow and rain and be cold AF for at least 3 months.

We’re in for the long haul now. The long, cold winter. Technically the days are getting longer but they still feel very short. It’s going to snow so much this year I just know it. If it doesn’t okay fine, I’ll be glad to be wrong about it.

But it’s going to.

I just feel very…deflated? Like this champagne bottle balloon stuck in the branches of a shamefully naked deciduous tree:

Yes. That’s exactly how I feel.

Why am I so incredibly tired?! I have to go back to work on Monday! I have to pump myself up! HELP.

I’ve gotten too comfortable wearing pajamas. And sitting on my couch knitting. And staying up a little later reading books. And literally staring off into space blissfully thinking about absolutely nothing for hours just because I can.

I think as humans we need to hibernate. And just give up for a few months. JUST. GIVE. UP. And sleep the whole time. I would seriously sleep until Earth Day if given the chance. I’m not interested in being awake for the time between now and Earth Day. Can I be cryogenically frozen? I think that would work out really well.

This post is just complaining, and not really about anything. But if you feel the same and would like to complain as well, let me know. I’m here for you. I feel for you. You can’t share my cryogenic hibernation chamber but I will help you find your own if you want.

K it’s 7:45pm EST, time for bed.

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