the oldest dog alive.

Guinness Popov is the oldest dog alive.

JK I don’t really know if Guinness is the oldest dog alive but today is her birthday and she is 16!

Sweet gal ❤️

16 may not seem like much if you know some old cats or old smaller dogs, but Guinness is the oldest dog alive because she is a 16 year old LARGE dog. 16 years is a lot of years to be galloping around the world like a small horse and leaping into the river because you’re half lab (and half border collie) and enjoy aquatic sports and jumping up onto the kitchen counter and eating bagels that were put out for your human sisters to eat before cheerleading practice.

Guinness loves my brother LOTS.

16 is also pretty old because Guinness had 5 brothers and sisters and they have all since passed away, I think before they were 10 years old. She was part of a “6 pack” of dogs, because there were 6 of them, so they were all named after beer. We didn’t change her name because 16 years ago we all really liked beer. I guess we still mostly like it.

Guinness having a nice lounge.

Guinness, the oldest dog alive, was once a very small and cute little pup, the runt of her dog family and the last to be adopted. When we arrived to meet her at the Hunterdon County farm that was fostering her, she was alone in a little enclosure outside and jumped up like, “Pick me! I’m the last one!” But not in an intense or annoying or desperate way because Guinness always keeps a low profile.

Guinness on the left, when she was taller than Miles.

We went as a whole family to check her out and as soon as we saw her we knew we had to take her home! But for whatever reason we hadn’t brought any puppy transporting materials like a crate so the foster man hesitated to hand her over. Nevertheless we persisted and Guinness was ours!

Guinness (on left) in the Delaware River.

She’s always been a very sweet and laid back and relaxed gal. She is affectionate but doesn’t jump and slobber all over you. She stands next to you and supports you but does not push you to do anything for her, like throw a ball or a stick. She’s happy just being around you, in your presence, although she does appreciate an excessive number of treats.

When we brought Guinness home 16 years ago, we still had another large dog named Nanu. Nanu was a purebred black lab and he was very smart and loved to swim in the river but he was very, very needy and thought that he was also a human. We loved him dearly but Guinness is not like him. She loves to be a dog and she’s glad she’s a dog and she doesn’t demand that you recognize that she is also a human because she knows that she is not.

“Excuse me, I’m napping here.

When her big bro Nanu passed away she of course was sad for a while. Then she became overwhelmed by too much attention from our family. She became nervous and embarrassed when we paid too much attention to her, it was the weirdest thing. She crumbled under the pressure! One dog gal can only do so much and she never tried to pretend she was human! She didn’t understand why we were putting so much on her little shoulders!

Big sis Guinness and little bro Miles.

So after we got Miles, who like Nanu thinks he is a human being on the inside, and started giving more attention to him, Guinness got more relaxed again and really enjoyed the decrease in our demand for her attention.

(This is more than 7 years ago)

Guinness had many years of playing outside in the fields and forests, I’d say about 12 or 13 years? But now she has retired to the home and yard, and takes many happy naps. We’re so glad she’s still around and that she always has a happy face and a wag of her tail to offer, even if she’s having a bit of a tough day. Sometimes she seems to get a little confused, she is a senior citizen after all, but she’s still able to get around and she is still comfortable and happy.

I love Guinness a lot and I wish her a happy sweet 16, as the oldest dog alive.

Look at that smile! 🤗❤️

Do you know an oldest dog alive? How old are they? What kind of dog are they? Why don’t dogs just live forever, or at least as long as people?! ANSWER ME!

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