xmas eve brunch.

Yesterday I was too “tired” from Xmas Eve brunch to write this so here it is now.

In my family we do Xmas Eve brunch! For many years it was at my Grammie’s house, but recently my cousin has started hosting it and it’s LIT AF.

These things are always there and they’re not my fav so I don’t eat them but the important part is that THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE. Also a sighting of the hostess in the background!

I don’t usually describe things as “lit” but this Xmas Eve brunch is LIT LIKE AN XMAS TREE, DAMMIT.


First there is a coffee and hot chocolate bar. A FULL HOT DRINK BAR. With coffee, hot chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallows, etc.

Hot drink bar!

Then you have the option of putting Bailey’s and/or Creme de Cacao in it. AND WHY WOULD YOU NOT?

Hot drink alcohol mix ins!

I chose the option of hot chocolate, coffee, and Bailey’s. And it was grand.

Hot drink close up!

Second there is a bar, bar and the main feature of that is MIMOSAS because this is BRUNCH, you guys.

Third we ate a ton of food which I did not take a pic of. But delish spinach dip, meatballs, lasagna, and baked Brie were involved.

Enjoying the foods.

Fourth were presents but I was v involved with passing those out so also didn’t get any pics. Additionally there weren’t any (actual) children at this particular Xmas eve brunch so there really wasn’t anyone to observe being truly silly and joyful.

JK we are obvi silly and joyful.

Then the desserts were put out and we consumed them.


We also took fun photobooth-like pics with props! This was my favorite part. I love photobooth-like pics with props!

They are my everything.

Stockings hung…
…by the fire!

So that was the big activity for the week, Xmas Eve brunch. The rest of the days will be sent sitting around. And loving it.

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