tripod tuesday vol. 2

I saw a tripod dog (a dog with only 3 legs) when I walked out of the gym this morning and I yelled, “Yeah! Tripod Tuesday!” and the dog was like, “Yeah!” and the owner was like…<not yeah>.

But yeah, today is Tripod Tuesday, so I’m going to share some photos I took on an overcast day in LA. With my tripod. Because it’s Tripod Tuesday.

My mom and I went around the town and to brunch in LA last Saturday and it was fine but it was overcast. We weren’t expecting that and were outraged.

I set up my tripod and took pics next to these records but I didn’t buy any records so maybe the guy got mad. “The guy” meaning the man working there, who looked out the window at me with disdain.

I didn’t have room in my suitcase for records! I am SORRY.

Speaking of suitcases the bottom of my jumpsuit is very wrinkly from being in my suitcase. And I don’t iron so that’s just the way it is. Deal with it.

Additionally, I met my LA friend’s doggy named Bodie on Saturday! He is a handsome and charming gentleman! It is also Tongues Out Tuesday so here are some Bodie pics for your rainy day enjoyment.

THE GOODEST BOY. He ordered a burger patty and loved every bite.

Denim Jumpsuit, Free People. Black Flats, Old Navy. Bag, Earrings, Kanibal & Co.

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