movie at the chinese theater.

The other night I went to a movie at the Chinese Theater.

I have never been to a movie at the Chinese Theater. But one of my co-workers had access to a friends and family screening for Netflix at the Chinese Theater and I’m always looking for cool stuff to do in LA and I was like oh that sounds badass!

The movie was the new Michael Bay and Netflix movie 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds and some other people and also a lot of explosions and loud sounds.

I normally would not view such a movie, but since I had never been to a movie at the Chinese Theater I decided the right thing to do was to check it out.

Also there was free popcorn.


I made my way quickly down Hollywood Blvd, dodging homeless people peeing all over Hollywood sidewalk stars and overzealous Scientologists trying to ruin my life.

Once I arrived at the theater…I realized it is pretty much just a regular movie theater when it comes to movie viewing purposes. The lobby was cool and there were some interesting light fixtures. But the touristy part with the old theater and the hand and footprints in the sidewalk is separate.

Not the part I went into.

You live and you learn.

Full disclosure, I was acting like a total bitch about this movie and figured it would suck and that I would leave after like 20 minutes. Pretty much after I finished the popcorn I planned to exit.

Total Bitch Face.

The movie certainly was about nothing, but I ended up staying for the whole thing because I enjoyed the music and some of the “parkour” kinda stunts.

It was still necessary for me to plug up my ears in a lot of parts because there were a ton of loud sounds and I despise loud sounds most of all things. Except pickles. They’re worse than loud sounds.

And Michael Bay was there and spoke about the movie in the beginning, so that was cool and very LA I guess. He talked about how his set is “Bayhem” (as in like, “Michael Bay Mayhem”) and I think you all know I really appreciated this combination of his name and a related noun.

Michael Bay speaks.

He also spoke about sweet talking the mayor of Florence, Italy into allowing them to film there and specifically on the Duomo, and I thought that was pretty cool. Giving a movie about nothing some context as far as how it was created made it seem less about nothing and more about the people that worked on it so I found that fun and interesting.

Additionally Dave Franco was in the beginning of this movie and I love some Dave Franco, with his sleepy eyes and side smile. He reminds me of a guy I used to “hang around with” that had sleepy eyes and a side smile if he ever smiled which was like once. No one else agrees that this guy looks like Dave Franco and I’ve given up trying to convince them. Either way, hayyy Dave Franco. 😎

I ate a huge thing of popcorn and chugged a Diet Coke, both free. So when it was time to go I felt pretty nauseous but also satisfied because I had seen a movie at the Chinese theater.

I walked around the hands and feet in the cement part a little and that was cool because some of that shit is from like 1937!

Kevin Smith and Silent Bob, FROM NEW JERSEY.

Then I went back to my hotel because I was so so tired.

Have you ever been to a movie at the Chinese Theater? Have you been inside the Chinese Theater? Not the regular movies part but the history party. I didn’t go in there, it cost extra.

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