birchbox at walgreens.

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In LA there is Birchbox at Walgreens! It actually is happening in some other spots now, but LA was the very first place I saw Birchbox at Walgreens, at the Sunset Blvd location.

You may already be aware that I love Birchbox. I guess it can be said that I also love Walgreens (or “Duane Reade” as we call them in NYC because now Walgreens owns those so they are also Walgreens but they will always be Duane Reade. At least until the idea of “Duane Reade” dissolves from our collective consciousness). So of course, I love Birchbox at Walgreens.

The very first time that I entered the one on Sunset and noticed the Birchbox of it all was last December. So it is the year anniversary of my Birchbox at Walgreens awareness. And I’m still not done being wowed by it.

They have quality name brand products! But in mini size! But also in full size because they also have them in full size! At a pharmacy/convenience store type of store! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted!

You can put together your own little Birchbox right there on the spot for $15 you guys! They gave the cutest little kiosk where all of the little samples live and there are cards saying what their little jobs are and you can add 5 to the orettiest little box and pay $15 and leave there with a guaranteed path to happiness right there in your hand.

It goes without saying that this could also be a gift for another! Maybe I DID need to say that, to remind you. And also myself.

It is beautiful. They have some of my most favorites there too – amika hair products, this chapstick that makes your lips pink based on your body temperature, micellar wipes (do NOT get me started on these micelles because they are my new favorite thing and I could go on for hours), and smoothing hair oil, to name very few.

Because there are very MANY lovely and fantastic sample AND full-sized products at this Birchbox at Walgreens.

I brought my mom in because I thought she would be delighted but she didn’t have room in her travel bag so we just took some silly pics and called it a day.

Don’t worry, the last two times I have been in LA I have gotten myself a little Birchbox. But I also didn’t have room in my travel bag this time.

And I am sorry.

I walked past the NYC edition of Birchbox in Walgreens a few weeks ago and now that I know where one is I MUST go check it out. It’s just so cool that you can have access to all of this fun stuff and it is in WALGREENS. Like just a normal store on the corner where you get Advil and melatonin all the time and now you can also get lovely Birchbox products. I don’t know, I just feel very special.

Have you ever been to Birchbox in Walgreens? Are there more than what is in NYC and LA? I guess I could google it. How special do you feel that you can get special and glam ladyyy shit for ladyyys at a regular every day Walgreens? I don’t know about you but I love the future. Robots for president.

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