wet wednesday with nathan kim.

Omg. Last night I went to Wet Wednesday with Nathan Kim and it did not disappoint.

The Sweat Spot is my everything and I make it a priority to go at least once whenever I come to LA. I have taken 6am flights out of Newark before to get to LA on time for the Sweaty Sunday class at noon. Just right in time to take a Lyft to the studio with my suitcase and roll my ass right into class. I am that serious about it.

I’ve mentioned this before, many times, I’m a terrible dancer but I greatly enjoy dance. I like to move around and I like to get caught up in the fun spirit of watching others move around much more skillfully than I do. If there is one thing that The Sweat Spot is giving to the world it is an ABUNDANCE of fun spirit and good vibes and a feeling of comfort and confidence among the participants.

That sounds stupid and corny but I think this may be what church feels like for people that believe in gods. Like people that really care and really believe and really get something positive and valuable out of their beliefs. This is Dance Church. And it is beautiful.


I walked 3 miles along Sunset to get to this class. I don’t know why I did that.

JK I do know why I did that. I looked up an Uber from Mama Shelter and it was TWENTY ONE DOLLARS. To go 3 miles! I was outraged. I guess I could have taken an Uber Pool but I would rather walk 3 miles through questionable neighborhoods, stepping over homeless people, than share a car with a stranger and run the risk of having to make small talk with them or smell them or hear them breathe. It’s just the way it is.

Sweaty before it even started.

The class starts out with fun breathing and stretching. Yes I said FUN breathing. It’s fun. I don’t know why. The stretching feels amaze because it’s warm in there (one might say “sweaty”) and the music is fun and I’m going to say the word “fun” like 87 more times in this post so get used to it.

Some yoga stuff comes in, but just like a little sprinkle. Same with some planks (I LOVE PLANKS) and pushups and crunches and stuff.

Warmup time lapse for your enjoyment.

Then you do “across the floor”! That’s a dance thing you guys. It’s when you go across the floor. Got it?

Joyful dancing!

But seriously you get in lines and do moving moves across the floor. From one end of the room to the other. I don’t know the names of the “moves,” but you’re moving. Across the floor. It’s something French. Akin to skipping. I don’t know, look it up.

And then AND THEN. You all dance around the room a little like a party and everyone is jumping around and smiling and I don’t like strangers but when all strangers are collectively doing the same positive thing and behaving themselves I’m okay with it.

After that, TIME TO LEARN THE COMBO, GUYS. You go through it step by step, through all the counts, adding more on, you know, like how they would do in any dance class EVER HEARD OF IT?


Eventually you learn like 3/4 of it and then the song is revealed in like a BIG REVEAL and everyone is like “omg woo!” My favorite was the time they used Arcade Fire “Put Your Money on Me” and it was like right around when that album came out and I threw my arm in the air like “YEAH!” And I was jazzed as hell the whole freakin time.


When I came to class back in August it was a Justin Bieber song and when it first played I was like well…THIS is silly (eye roll). But through the class I started to like it! And now when I hear that silly song at the gym or on the radio at Walgreens or whatever I’m taken back to that happy day in August, taking dance class with my best pal, former roommate, and hetero life partner (all the same person).

Left a sweat puddle on the floor hiiiii.

Last night the song was…dammit I don’t know what the song was but I’ll out a video of it here and YOU can tell ME. I do know it was a bit slow which I liked! Can’t go too fast because I get all tangled up. I’m also very bad with the turns and get very dizzy. But I feel like I managed that better than usual.

I’m a terrible dancer you guys. I’m aware.

As always we got very sweaty but had a lot of fun and felt very joyful and spread our joy to each other.

Dance be with you, AND ALSO WITH YOU.

Have you ever been to the Sweat Spot? Do you happen to know Nathan Kim personally because he seems like the kindest and most joyful person ever, just from what I’ve seen in class. What a guy.

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