morning stroll to runyon canyon.

This morning I woke up at 5:45am PST like “WOO!” so I took a morning stroll to Runyon Canyon.


One of my favorite things about traveling to LA (there are many) is that the first few days I am here I am technically 3 hours ahead in my brain so I am FULLY a REAL morning person and not just pretending and lying to myself like I do every other day. It wears off after two or three days and gets hard as hell to talk myself into waking up again, but before it does it’s a great time to be alive.


Before my morning stroll to Runyon Canyon this morning, I got some (free before a certain time!) coffee in the lobby at Mama Shelter and set off on Wilcox toward Hollywood Blvd. I brought my tripod and my sister’s camera that I’m trying to learn how to use along with me.

Hollywood Blvd is disgusting. I think everyone knows that. It’s like the Times Square of LA. It’s gross. It’s no good. But the sidewalk stars are fun to look at and you can see cool views of the hills behind the buildings and speaking of the buildings there are some cool old Art Deco ones so that’s nice. But like, Scientology also lives there, so that sucks.

Unfortunately walking down Hollywood Blvd was necessary for the particular route I took on my morning stroll to Runyon Canyon.

Beyond the touristy part of Hollywood Blvd it becomes residential and I know nothing of the history or purpose of these buildings and I should look it up but they all seem like a certain kind of apartment complex that probably has a pool (yissss, a pool) in the courtyard. And I always think of Melrose Place, as in the show, and consider the dramatic and salacious antics that must go on in said courtyards… AFTER DARK.

Pretty much Melrose Place.

A right turn onto Fuller will take you up a VERY steep residential hill that is also filled with lush residential greenery. Beware of sprinklers because they turn on at some point in the morning and I got a surprise misting by one today.

There’s always weird spray painted shit on the sidewalk here, mostly stuff that is like a “social statement” about “people using their phones too much” or “something.” But today I saw this fun smiley face and found that acceptable.

Eventually you arrive at the Fuller Entrance to Runyon Canyon.

Once you step through the gate you are no longer WALKING as you would on the sidewalk but you are HIKING, my friend. This is a hike.

It actually really is a hike because you’re walking up a steep hill and it becomes honest to goodness cardiovascular activity.

It’s hiking now!

I’ll mention again that the casual off-leash dog mentally of Los Angeles makes me very nervous. People please leash your dogs. I don’t get it.

The man behind me is taking a photo of his OFF-LEASH DOG.

Walking up some more steep hill will get you to a very pretty lookout point where you can see all across Hollywood over to Downtown LA. You can’t see the “Hollywood” sign from where I stood though. I don’t know, it’s in another direction. Maybe behind me? I’m twisted around.

I set up my tripod and took some pics because that was a necessary way to start the day.

Wearing just a sports bra was also necessary to me but certainly not reasonable because it was 48 degrees.

But I did enjoy having a bask in the sun.

After I took some pics I did a little time lapse workout! It was nice to work out outside with a view, in the sunny sunshine.

The OFF-LEASH DOGS came to say hi during my workout. And that was okay because they were the goodest boiz. But I still don’t approve of off-leash dogs.

Do you enjoy hiking in LA? Do you have a favorite hiking spot? Do you think Runyon Canyon is a good representation of the hiking culture of LA? Or should I be getting my hiking fix elsewhere? What are your thoughts on off-leash dogs?

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