cancel the baby yoda meme.

Guys, I’m sorry. I want to cancel the baby yoda meme.

I will begin by saying that I mean to offend no one and I obviously will not be successful in my mission to cancel the baby yoda meme because I have zero control over the internet or the world. I will not be able to take baby yoda away from you no matter how hard I try so do not worry.

This is merely me stating my opinion. And there is room for an anti-baby yoda meme opinion because I have not yet come across one.

First of all, I can’t even understand or conceptualize exactly WHAT the baby yoda IS. And I don’t want to. I’m aware of “Yoda” as like, a pop culture reference. That he speaks in weirdly constructed sentences for whatever reason. But that is it. I haven’t watched Star Wars in my 35 years of life and I’m not going to watch it now.

Yes, I’ve never watched Star Wars. I’m in good company. Thank you.

I was aware of “The Mandolorian” simply because people in my office spoke about it. I didn’t realize that “The Mandolorian” was about Star Wars or somehow Star Wars related (or somehow features baby yoda while not being Star Wars related?) until the meme started popping up. UNTIL THE MEME STARTED POPPING UP EVERYWHERE.

If you know me, you know that I like to know things and I thirst for knowledge and I look up everything. The Mandolorian is not something I have looked up to see what it is about. Because I do not care. I do not thirst for The Mandolorian and I do not care about The Mandolorian and I want to cancel the baby yoda meme.

Like okay, yes, the baby yoda is cute. But a lot of shit is cute and it doesn’t become the biggest meme of our lives that represents every smug, flippant, or cozy feeling anyone has ever had. And that is what I have seen the baby yoda doing so far in these memes – looking smug, flippant, or cozy.

The only baby yoda meme worth my attention is this one from the @tinyhat_skatelife Instagram account, and it is the only photo I will feature in this post.

The reason I find only this particular baby yoda meme acceptable is because this is the only baby yoda I can fully relate to. He is not smug or flippant or cozy, he is just glad a skater dude invited him over to lay in his man-child floor-bed and watch skate clips on his broken phone and then probably have some kind of unsatisfying hookup. Well maybe in that case he is a LITTLE cozy but I don’t think a man-child floor-bed would be for cozy for baby yoda…OR ANYONE.

But he will take the smallest little scraps of satisfaction from this interaction. And he will be glad. You can see it in his little baby yoda eyes. Then he will create a whole narrative about it in his mind and develop an entirely untrue perception of it, won’t he? He will. That’s what baby yodas do. And then the next night he’ll see the dude at the bar with some sexy plank and baby yoda will be like “BUT WHYYYY?! <chugs 10 Tecates>” But he’ll know why, deep down. He’s no fool.

Overall the @tinyhat_skatelife Instagram account acts as a support group for me when I consider many of my past behaviors and thought processes and unrealistic nonsense I was always running after. But like, running can never keep up with those 4 wheels causally sailing down the street, you guys.

Misery loves company and everything they post I’m like, “Omg! Hahaaaa I get that, I feel that.” And then I’m like wow, there are many young gals I can relate to that are chasing and have chased and will continue to chase after COMPLETE IDIOTS just because they sometimes very casually…and ugh, very EXPERTLY, have four small wheels and a board beneath them and roll around the world without a care…and like how do they even stay balanced like that? Their legs are so strong…

ANYWAY. Just saying, that account makes me feel less ridiculous.

In this case the baby yoda fell for it too and I’ll allow it.

Any other baby yoda memes are cancelled. I don’t want to see any and will not discuss any.

Thank you for your time.