a little xmas tree.

This weekend I got a little Xmas tree at Small Business Saturday in Jersey City.

It is adorable.

Yes it’s that adorable.

I like a little Xmas tree because I have a small house and steep stairs. A large, normal sized Xmas tree would be too much. A tree like that would take up too much space and be too hard to get up there and I’d have to throw it out the window to get it back down again. If it even fit out the window.

For a few years living on while living on my own (aka not at my ancestral home) I didn’t even get an Xmas tree because I was 100% over Xmas and didn’t feel like doing any dumb Xmas shit. But the past couple of years I have been trying to get back into it again because why not? So I’ve gotten a little Xmas tree.

I’ve been collecting some new ornaments over the last year or so as well.

Ornaments ready to go!

These Jersey City ornaments I’ve been collecting for 4 years but for the first 2 of those years I just hung them on a drawer handle or cabinet handle or coat rack or something because I didn’t have a little Xmas tree.

But now I do. So now they’re on the tree.

Last year I went nuts getting the little traditional ball ones from Kanibal & Co. and Anthropologie. On sale at Anthropologie. I can’t afford anything there that is fully priced. You’re dreaming. Have you ever thought about what you’d like to say at a job interview when they ask, “what are your career goals?” and thought, “I’m going to tell them ‘My only career goal is making enough money to shop at Anthropologie and not have to buy everything on sale’”? Because I have. And it would be true.

I think the flamingo above is also from Anthropologie but then for Xmas last year my niece got me an EVEN BETTER ONE with ACTUAL feathers so I kinda feel dumb I got the first one.

This one is so majestic I can’t even deal.

Ah yes, the spotted jackalope! This is from Kanibal but overall I have a thing for jackalopes or even giant jack rabbits not mixed with ‘lopes.

Have you ever seen that post card of the cowboy riding the giant jack rabbit? IT IS EVERYTHING. When I spent some time in Texas I saw some jack rabbits in the Texan wilds and they are monster animals and way bigger than they were in my mind. Watch out for those guys. But in a cool way.

Killin me.

This record cutout, red star, and the brown wooden bird hanging out with the jackalope above I got on a trip to Woodstock last January. It was right after Xmas and all the Xmas shit was…ON SALE. And omg the bird smells like cloves and I can’t get enough of it. It was in a whole basket of other on-sale clove-scented ornaments and I should have dumped the whole basket in my bag and walked out of there. I blew it.

My Uncle Tom made these! I really like the Xmas stocking that says my name, because narcissism. I like the other ones too, he just gave to those us over Thanksgiving.

Here we have a lovely little leaf. I got this on a trip to The Finger Lakes in September when we went to a craft fair. I mean that’s it.

What I’m saying is, I like my little Xmas tree with my little Xmas shit that I’ve gotten from some cool places. And I had fun decorating it on Saturday night! I think it’s a fun tradish to come back here to JC and do Small Biz Saturday and get the little Xmas tree and then go home and decorate it after.

And then after that we make out.

I’ve done it two years in a row so it’s tradition now. Deal with it.

Tree decorating time lapse!

When do you put up your tree? Do you like a little Xmas tree or a big Xmas tree? We used to have a “Charlie Brown Xmas tree” that was literally one branch. Wait maybe we still have it, I have to look. Maybe it’s in my hall where I store things somewhere. Or in my closet room under my 6 foot tall pile of pending dry cleaning. We’ll see.

Little Xmas tree all decorated!

Happy beginning of Xmas shit to you!