small business saturday in jersey city.

Yesterday was a day I look forward to all year, Small Business Saturday in Jersey City! You may be aware that I love Jersey City more than anywhere in the world. If you weren’t aware, I do.

Small Business Saturday in Jersey City is so great because Jersey City is so great. It’s better than everywhere. That’s a secret though, don’t tell anyone. I don’t want it to get more crowded. JK everyone is invited. But don’t get in my way when I’m trying to walk down Grove St. with all of my Thanksgiving weekend luggages, THX.

The cute little Xmas tree I got, WITH ALL OF MY JUNK.

Yesterday I had to make my way back from my parents’ house in western NJ and the journey was long and treacherous. I waited for the Transbridge bus at Liberty Village for almost an hour and it was SO COLD. WTF TRANSBRIDGE WHY DO YOU BLOW IT ALWAYS?! AND START SELLING TICKETS ONLINE YOU MONSTERS.

Anyway, I was glad to finally come above ground at Grove St and see my friendly JC home once again. I hauled my Away suitcase, large Herschel backpack, leopard Baggu bag filled with my tripod and selfie light, and my amigo circle bag filled with who knows what down the street to Kanibal & Co.

Whew, sight for sore eyes, respite for a weary traveler, etc etc…

I will tell you right now that Kanibal was the only small business I made it to yesterday, and I am sorry. But I was exhausted by the time I got back to JC and I couldn’t bear to drag all of my belongings around to all of the other stores. But here are a few small businesses in Jersey City that I know and love, if you want to check them out:

Another Man’s Treasure

I got my most fav fur stole here one year on Small Business Saturday in Jersey City AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT.

Hazel Baby

I haven’t gotten anything here but the stuff is cute and it smells nice and both of those things are a great start in my book.

Cool Vines

They have good wine and good beer and good snacks and 80% of the times I e gone in here to get stuff it’s been to replenish after I’ve already been drinking so it’s been a great experience.

Vivi Girl Shop

This place is a block from my old apartment and I used to love to go there to shop. I have a few really pretty dresses from here and it’s always peaceful inside.


They have endless walls of earrings and I own endless walls of earrings from here.


This place is great because BOOKS, duh! I really, really miss the cafe part A LOT but I still love them.

Milk Sugar Love

Incredible ice cream…YUM.

Back at Kanibal, I got a ton of stuff! Wahoo! Everything in the store was 10% off, and they had a fun giveaway bag for the first 200 shoppers!


Since I was running late, my boyfriend KINDLY and NOBLY agreed to go when they first opened and get me an ornament so I could also get one of the giveaway bags. This was the nicest thing any boyfriend has even done for me through the history of time although it’s fair enough to say I haven’t had very many “boyfriends.” But shhh, let him have this.

Once I arrived a few hours later I was excited to shop some more! They have the cutest ornaments there and I got a pretty swan one with a crown. Because I like swans and crowns and SWANS WEARING CROWNS.

I love the shatterproof Jersey City ornaments they make every year and I now have 4! I love Jersey City as I may have mentioned. And I love getting a special ornament on Small Business Saturday in Jersey City. It is the only way.

They had a ton of other Jersey City stuff as they often do, including the “Animals of Jersey City” waterbottle, bandana, and zippered pouch that my crab Stefani is on!

This collab with Fishs Eddy (another small biz!) is also super cool. I have the tumbler/glass version of this one and I’m obsessed.

Warm gloves and hats and scarves were everywhere. But I already have gloves and hats and scarves enough for now so I really had to hit the “RESIST!” button on those.

Maybe I shouldn’t joke about “RESIST!” in that way but like, I did need to resist. At that level of intensity.

There were some sweet little holiday cards and some other not so sweet holiday sentiments.

And outside there were Xmas trees and I got one!


In addition to the swan ornament, I got myself a rolling pin because I didn’t have one yet for making foolproof sugar cookies, and some pine smelling candles from The Lucky Honeybee and Soap and Paper Factory.

Gifts for ME under my tree. GIFTS FOR OTHERS NOT PICTURED.

Additionally some cocktails were served by Slow and Low which I actually really like but I was all grossed out by any food and drink because of the shameful and gluttonous way in which I lived my life from Wednesday night until yesterday morning. Actually I ate 20 cookies as my only food today so maybe I still feel grossed out. But that’s another story for another time.

I believe in lieu of the Project Market Winter Market we’ve had in previous years in Jersey City, they’ll be doing this Shop the Block event this coming weekend, Dec 7-8, 11am-6pm at the corner of Grove and Montgomery streets in Downtown Jersey City. I’ll miss the Winter Market lots but this seems cool. Go check it out!

Did you go to Small Business Saturday in Jersey City? Or in your own town? What are your favorite small businesses?! In Jersey City? Or in your own town?! If your own town is Hoboken, I don’t care. Jkjk…am I?

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