a jersey city friendsgiving.

Yesterday I attended a Jersey City Friendsgiving! I love Thanksgiving A LOT and therefore I love Friendsgiving A LOT because it is an EXTRA THANKSGIVING and like WHY NOT?!

What should you bring to a Jersey City Friendsgiving? I made these cookies and they didn’t turn out how I wanted visually but I think they were still delicious and I was proud to bring them.

Creepy Tillie cookies

When I arrived some dudes were finishing up the cooking and I did what I could to help. Doing what I could to help involved sitting there and practicing taking photos with the “real” camera I’m trying to learn how to use. I know how to use a “real” video camera from my days as a road dawg but not a still camera. I don’t know why I’m having trouble. I guess I’m old.

My boyfriend cooking
Dude cooking.

More and more people began to arrive and some brought dogs! Jersey City has many dogs, so a Jersey City Friendsgiving will naturally have many canine pals attending. One dog was a Dalmatian puppy called “Inky” and I thought her name was “Yankee” for like 3 hours and then her mom was like “No INKY hehe” and I felt silly but I’m deaf in one ear and nothing can be done. So I’ll go on confusing Inkys with Yankees until the end of time. Inky was still cute either way. Also a Yorkie called Archie, the two resident house dogs, a Jack Russell/pug mix named Whiskey and a bull terrier named Ellie, and an unidentified Pomeranian, I didn’t catch their name. Dogs make everything that is great EVEN GREATER.

Beautiful sunset in The Heights
Friendsgiving sunset! Made greater by dogs.

I was super pumped because I heard that this Jersey City Friendsgiving party was going to have a deep fried turkey! Which I have never eaten or even seen in person, just in YouTube disaster videos. I was confident this one wouldn’t become a disaster video because a real live chef was the boss of it.

Fryer with bananas inside

The fryer was turned on and warmed up, and many things were fried. Bananas and Oreos and other types of cookies covered in pancake batter. I dropped one cookie in very excitedly and said “WOO!” But hot oil splashed everywhere and my actions were deemed “unsafe.” And I’m sorry. I had had too many raspberry White Claws already (I had had TWO raspberry White Claws, which at this season in my life is frankly and embarrassingly too many).

Bananas to fry.
Fried bananas on sticks
Bananas fried and bananas to fry.
Fried bananas on sticks
Bananas fried, chocolate and caramel sauces and powdered sugar added ❤️

Apple, vegetable, and bacon/cheese fritters were also concocted in this fryer. All before the turkey even went in! I ate more than one of each fryer item and I woke up in the middle of the night last night and felt ILL thinking about it but it was great when it was happening. And I guess that’s all I can ask for.


Other pre meal appetizers included some bison chili with wild rice and cornbread, and a lovely butternut squash soup. Omg and also this “Mexican street corn” popcorn. WTF it was so good.

Then the turkey was deep fried!

Professional cauldron of turkey.

Soon enough, all of the sides were ready and the turkey was ready and it was time to feast!

Cooked turkey in pan
Finished turkey!

I chose some of everything because I wanted some of everything so that was that.

My plate of Thanksgiving food
My selections.

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is that all of the foods are brown or beige and that is okay. No one is making you eat vegetables and you don’t have to feel bad about it. And if vegetables are there it’s merely as guest stars. Or like not really stars, just guests. Guests that you tolerate.

Marginally tolerable vegetables.

While we were eating one of the dudes in attendance put on this show called “Off The Air”from Adult Swim. It was an animal episode and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted to see on TV and in the world so I need to watch the rest of the series. Also I can’t believe I never watched it before and I am ashamed.

After feasting we continued to make merry and lit a fire outside and some of us jumped in the hot tub! We tried very hard to orchestrate a picture in the hot tub with the turkey carcass and we eventually talked someone into taking one and I’m not sure where that picture is but I hope I see it someday.

This is just another pic of the turkey.

Speaking of guests that you tolerate, one gal drank too much in the hot tub and tried to make out with someone’s boyfriend and had to be rescued from…herself? Such is the way of a Jersey City Friendsgiving. We’ve all been there.

After the hot tub rescue I came across this BANANA PUDDING MADE WITH CHESSMEN. WHAT. This was everything I ever wanted and I ate a ton of it.

Banana pudding
The pudding.

Following the chessmen banana pudding, I went upstairs to go to sleep because it was 9:30pm and I needed to wake up at 6am to go to the gym. Unfortunately I’m an adult.

Banana pudding

I was able to sleep but did hear continued merrymaking downstairs until about 1am, and it seemed like it was grand.

This morning when I awoke I saw that no one had eaten the creepy cookies I made because they were underneath some other things. Or maybe because they were creepy. But I left them there because I can’t have them at my own house because I would eat them all until I threw up. So there’s that.

Do you and your friends do Friendsgiving? What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? What would you do differently? Do you also have a hot tub? What about dogs? Can I meet your dogs? Cool, thx.