crafts and carafes – thanksgiving edition.

Last night I returned to Porta Jersey City for Crafts and Carafes! I freakin love crafting. We made Thanksgiving centerpieces.

I made Thanksgiving centerpieces at Porta’s Crafts and Carafes last year as well, so I was pumped AF for round 2!

Last year we used old liquor bottles and painted them, but this year it was all about the little glass jars. We had ribbons and straw and burlap and lacy stuff to put around the jars.

I selected 3 jars and some fall colored ribbons and burlap. Personally I didn’t like the sillier ribbons with pumpkins on them. I wanted to keep it very grown up and tasteful.

I’m an adult.

I didn’t get any of these beans because I believe some children ravaged them and threw them all over the place. Heathens. I don’t really like most children unless I’m related to them or a close friend is. There I said it.

My friend and I made a new friend who was kind enough to let us use her heavy duty hot glue gun. This was a DEWALT HOT GLUE GUN. LIKE THE TOOLS. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!

Omg do you see the glue gun back there?!

I drank a 20% off house white carafe and didn’t drink enough water. I think you know what I’m getting at.

In process.


In addition to the crafts and carafes I also got this acorn squash with ricotta. It seemed like it was a good way to get some vegetables. Sneak some in. Just put some cheese on them and they’re acceptable.

As usual our hosts Chandra and Mallory were super helpful and efficient at running the whole Crafts and Carafes shebang and also doing some crafting/having fun (perhaps carafing but I can’t be sure) alongside us.

Totally pumped to bring these home to my parents’ house next week for Thanksgiving!


Have you made any Thanksgiving crafts? Do you plan to? While we’re on that, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?! I am so excited for Thanksgiving I can’t even stand it.

PS – we’re going to start a book club with the new friend we met at Crafts and Carafes and that’s a story for another day but I’m ECSTATIC about that.

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