do you like grove collaborative?

Do you like Grove Collaborative? I think I like Grove Collaborative. And I’m going to write about it right now on the PATH train home, in the hopes that writing about it will send good vibes into the universe and the delivery I got today won’t be stolen when I get home.

Fingers crossed.

I don’t work for them or get anything for this, it’s just my thoughts. I think I have to say that or something.

If you know me you know I love joining a club. Any kind of club – clothes, food, wine, crafts, makeup. I’m a joiner. A “club” in this sense meaning something you subscribe to and it comes every month.

Box from Grove Collaborative
When it arrives!

I think Google’s algorithm also is on to my club liking tendencies and Grove Collaborate popped up on my ads on Gmail one day and I clicked on it and I was like, “well…DUH. Of COURSE I have to do this.”

It comes every 4 or 6 or 8 or whatever number of weeks you tell it to and it appears to be discounted in some way, which is great. But I’m terrible at math and at spending money so I wouldn’t take my word on that. You can check for yourself.

Grove Collaborative products on display
Unpacked – and posed.

And you subscribe to get the same stuff and it’s all the stuff you need to refill or renew every few weeks. I figure it’s better than buying it at Duane Reade at the last minute. I guess that really does save some money.

They have all kinds of Mrs. Meyer’s products which we all KNOW is a mark of success when you have it in your house.

Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface everyday cleaner in spiced pumpkin scent

They have vitamins and candles and shit.

They have paper products and the packaging has leaves on it so you know it must be okay for the environment or they made the effort to make you at least THINK it’s ok for the environment. I’m always out of paper products and my mom shamed me when she comes over so this is helpful.

Mrs. Meyer's clean day dish soap in acorn spice scent
Seasonal success.

They have sponges, which quickly turn gross to me even with limited use because I hate the way they smell and I hate touching any old food or anything that implies old food.

They have all kinds of shit.

Method brand antibac toilet cleaner in mont scent
Some other stuff.

One thing Grove Collab (we’re on abbrevs terms at this point in the post) offers that sold me 100%, when I was already sold 95%, is FREE GIFTS. I got this little caddy with my first order.

And also this little dish to hold a sponge, dish soap, and HAND CREAM right next to my sink. I MEAN TALK ABOUT GLAM. I didn’t even know I needed this stuff but I DEF DID.

Method brand all-purpose wipes in pink grapefruit scent
Additional stuff.

Basically I just really love anything that makes me feel really glam and also like a fully functioning and thriving adult woman. And at the same time I have to put little to no effort into it.

That is what Grove Collaborative does for me.

I’ll ask again, do you like Grove Collaborative? Do you hate it? Were you even aware of it before today? I’d like to know your thoughts.

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