interwoven 5 year anniversary party.

Last night I had the honor and the privilege of attending the Interwoven 5 year anniversary party in Asbury Park. Interwoven is a shop on Cookman Ave and whenever I go there I can’t resist stopping in for something fun. I also follow their Instagram account obsessively and therefore feel like I know them. Maybe that sounds creepy but I’m pretty sure they’re cool with it because they seem like a great crowd.

I love their store because it is fun and colorful and bright inside. They have a number of larger brands I really like (Mara Hoffman), and carry some stuff from local artists like Tessa Perlow. I have a pair of earrings I really like from Interwoven that I wore last night, and also a bra from Madalynne Intimates that I have since asked for like 10 more of for Xmas because I love it so much.

These are the earrings!

Because I observe Interwoven from the north, I saw on their Instagram that they were having a 5 year anniversary party, but I also received a very official email and got Eventbrite tickets so I belonged there DO NOT WORRY.

It’s worth noting that the Interwoven party was not held at the Interwoven store, but they left a great sign to help out anyone that was confused!

Interwoven’s 5 year anniversary party was held at Jim Watt’s Art Studio space. I don’t know Jim Watt personally, but according to this fun and informative poster he is also known as “Shopboy”!! I also didn’t realize at first which “boy” he was. I recognized a couple of “boys” from their instagram, but identified “Shopboy” incorrectly to a random guy that asked me who “Shopboy” was. Then the real “Shopboy” walked by in a necklace that said “Shopboy” and I think that settled it. Whew.

Interwoven 5 year anniversary party

This space was super cool. I turned the corner onto 7th Ave and the wind was blowing like crazy and it was effing freezing. And I just saw this unmarked garage-looking building but it had a smiley face lamp and noises coming from inside so I figured I was in the right place.

Interwoven 5 year anniversary party (exterior)
Is it a garage? Is it a party? Let’s find out.

Upon entry I saw that they had a selfie photobooth right at the entrance. They had a selfie light and tripod just like my very own selfie light and tripod (which I also brought)! There were cardboard cutouts of the Sopranos characters and also employees of the store to pose with! It was great, and I attended the party alone so I was glad to have a person-like item to pose with.

Interwoven 5 year anniversary party
Interwoven 5 year anniversary party
Interwoven 5 year anniversary party

Within the entry area there was also a red carpet and A POLKA BAND. I don’t know why I was so excited about the polka band but I was. I also don’t know what their relevance was or why they were chosen to entertain at this particular party but I can only hope that everyone was as delighted by them as I was.

Interwoven 5 year anniversary party

As I was getting ready to pose I was handed an aperol spritz by a gal clad in a leopard leotard jumpsuit. An aperol spritz is usually a little too much for me but I took it and it was delish.

Interwoven 5 year anniversary party
Rarely seen spritz face.


But seriously, again since I was alone, it was very fun to just stand and lurk and watch everyone go by and check out everyone’s different leopard outfits. I’m serious, it was very fun. Also, I think too many times as grown ass adults we are presented with a party theme and no one does it or everyone half asses it and the fun is ruined. NO ONE was half assing it here. Everyone was wearing their own best version of leopard, full-ass, and it was fantastic.

Another party feature that had no time for half assery was the dance floor. So many folks were dancing! I was only there from 9:30pm to about 11:15pm and it went until 2am, so I’m sure it got even more fun on the dance floor as the night went on. But when I was there it was already super fun! People were dancing in a circle, there was a gal dancing on roller skates, everyone was signing along and really feeling it. Even as a party of one attendee I felt comfortable and had fun dancing around and just smiling at everyone. Maybe the smiling was also creepy but they did smile back. It was a good crowd!

In line for the bathroom we quickly made friends and compared leopard outfits. I guess that’s the cliche of every party – “ladies be making friends in the bathroom,” but I felt this was an even more fun and supportive bathroom line than usual. The bathroom line is often a special place suspended in space and time where we all forget our differences and love one another and I think that was taken to a beautiful extreme at this party.

It was just the most incredible party! There was pin the tail on the leopard which I didn’t do but it looked fun. Also I saw some kind of fortune telling going on but she was all booked up so I didn’t get to check that out. They had a table with a beautiful cake, cookies, and a candy bar to make your own little bag!

These cookies were so good I ate like 5. Sorry.

I took a candy bag home with me because I LOVE personalized M&Ms. I mean I always love M&Ms but even more when they’re personalized.

Their logo!

The candy bag was consumed while I wrote this very post!

Cuddled up w/ the candy bag, right now.

In addition to the candy bags, Interwoven had Baggu bags with their branding on them for sale so I got one because I love a Baggu bag. AND ALSO IT IS LEOPARD.

Part of purchasing the bag was entering a raffle to win one of 3 mystery boxes. The whole “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!” joke was said many times but honestly that’s always a fun joke so I wasn’t mad. A couple of skater looking dudes were standing by the raffle table when I entered and one picked box #2 for me. I told them both to blow on my raffle ticket for good luck. I HOPE IT WORKED YOU GUYS.


I was sad I had to leave early but I had to make the 11:57pm train back to JC. This was the greatest party I have been to in a while. Honestly I really love parties, and one that is fully executed per a particular theme and has all kinds of fun little details is always a huge win. I think we all have to have more creative and fun and well thought out parties immediately.


On my way out I paused to take one more photo of the James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) head cut out. A dude came over while I was taking the pic and tipped his glass to make it look like James/Tony was drinking it. I was a little tipsy so this was really funny to me and then I yelled, “I love him! He spoke at my graduation! Rutgerrrrsssssss!!!” And then I happily stumbled out the door into the frigid night.

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