bday brunch at the franklin.


Well, not til tomorrow. But I celebrated yesterday.

Bday ‘fit.

I am still very, very tired and slept most of today so far. I really don’t drink much anymore and when I do I get COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED FROM IT. I seriously CANNOT SURVIVE. I guess I’m also old now. I was born in 1984, you do the math.


Usually I throw a big party for myself because I love my bday and to be the center of attention. But I didn’t feel like it this year I think because I’m so tired, so instead I decided to have a little brunch and also drinks after. Because brunch and drinks is less effort than a full on party.

I wanted to do the brunch at this place sam am that is SO GOOD but they were too small for our group and I’m sad about it but I guess I’ll be okay.

So we ended up at a place I’ve never been to before, The Franklin. It was delish! I got an omelette with chorizo and jalapeño and burrata. Many people in my party got the burger, and my mom got the eggs Benedict on crab cakes.

With my mom <3

For dessert and the birthday song we all ate some dulce de leche cheesecake that Nick got from Coach House and it was SO GOOD. LIKE INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. Then I ate some for breakfast this morning.

Killin me.

The Franklin was cute and not too crowded, we kind of took over the whole thing. It was BYOB so I brought some prosecco/sparkling white wine and ordered a carafe of orange juice to make mimosas.

Our waiter was a nice dude and we got there like 15 mins later than our reservation and stayed like 40 minutes after they were supposed to be closed so thaaaaanks.

After brunch we went to Low Fidelity and I made everyone take pics with me with my tripod because I love my tripod. We snacked on some of their Detroit style pizza and got pretty drunk.


My mom and dad came which is always my fav and they got me a new chromebook for blogging and I’m going to set it up NOW.

That’s pretty much it. And now I’m 35.


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