chillhouse soho.


And now they have a new Soho location! It’s at 75 Varick St.

Subway sign that says "Adelphi University 75 Varick Street"
WTF is Adelphi University?
"Chillhouse" photoshopped above "75 Varick" on same subway sign
There, fixed it.

From the first time I went to their LES location and got a Tier 2 gel mani I have been obsessed.

Chillhouse isn’t just a nail salon. Chillhouse is a lifestyle.

Chillhouse logo on paper towel
Simply chill.

That sounds millennial as hell, but it truly is. They’re all about self care, which like, SIGN ME UP. It smells amazing in there, their playlists are the greatest I’ve ever heard, all of the colors in their decor are the only colors I ever want to see ever again, and it’s so relaxing in there that I literally fall asleep every time I’m getting my nails done.

Plants and vases on table, city view out of street level window
Chill plants, chill shapes, chill colors.

I love their manicures because you can get designs and you can choose from tiers of designs so you know up front how much it will cost. LOVE THAT. I like nail designs but always get stressed/nervous when I don’t know how much the design is going to cost or if it’s overall or per nail and I 100% do not want to discuss it with the person doing my nails because I am awkward as hell. So having an upfront design price really saves me a lot of stress and makes my experience way more…chill. And that’s so great! Like it should be relaxing, you guys!

1-800-Chill-Nails giant nail file, chill paper towel
Call the number to chill. JK I don’t think it works. Just go to their website.

Their new Soho location is super big and super bright and super fab but also still retains all of the things I love about Chillhouse. Except times 10 because it’s much bigger and really awesome.

Nail files and other manicure tools in jar
Tools of chill.

The Soho location has a bigger cafe and hangout area, it has HUGE windows all around the mani area so you can people watch on people walking around outside, and they finally have pedicures!

Chillhouse cafe menu behind cafe counter
New pedicure chairs and foot baths
Really love these glam foot baths.

I’ve only ever gotten my nails done there so I can only speak to that, but they do have other cool (dare I say “chill”) services like facials and massages. I’ll get those someday. Omg I just made my Xmas list and sent it to my mom maybe I should add one of those to that?!

Chillhouse outside sandwich board sign "Face, Body, Nail, Heat, Cafe"
So much chill to offer!

One of the coolest things about Chillhouse is that the gal in charge of the whole shebang, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, has been there in person every single time I’ve been there. She’s checking in on things or working (aka running a growing empire) from there or even chatting with clients. It’s her business and she’s running it from among her employees and I think that’s super cool. It inspires me to see her there and also reminds me that small businesses can make even a gargantuan city like NYC feel like a small town. Keep chillin it and killin it, Cyndi!

Have you been to Chillhouse? Do you like it? If not you should check it out! It’s great, and you’ll love it, and the new locaish is right by the Canal St 1 train stop. Like 20 steps from there. Do it!

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