catbird takes manhattan.

For now this blog is pretty much just an extension of my Instagram so I’m going to tell you about the fun stuff I do sometimes because why not?

The holidays are coming and one thing I love A LOT is winter markets! They are markets but inside because it’s cold. And they are fantastic and have many wares that stores/vendors/artists don’t usually have because they have made them SPECIAL for the HOLIDAYS, you guys.

Last night I went to a fun little opening soirée for Catbird’s Winter Market and Wedding Annex in Manhattan and it was great!


Usually Catbird is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and it still is, don’t worry. But for the next month or so they have a pop up store at 253 Centre St in Manhattan for winter holiday gift shopping and also ZAPPING. And it is adorable and pretty but not so adorable and pretty that it can’t be taken seriously. Because it is, in fact, very serious.

One thing that I really love about them is that they have a lot of references to swans around. If you know me you know that I LOVE BIRDS so I LOVE SWANS. They have a collection of special rings that are named after swans and little swan ring holders and tape dispensers and I think I saw a stuffed animal swan here that I would totally buy for myself as a 34 year old adult woman. And I would punch anyone who questioned me.


I signed up for this event via email and I almost didn’t go because I was so so tired. I’ve been having trouble with that this week. Also whenever you go to a free thing in NYC it never ends up being what is promised. There is always a line to get in or too many people already went in or it’s crowded and everyone is acting crazy or they ran out of food or drinks, it’s just not what you would hope for. We can’t have nice things here.


I arrived and it was crowded but not insane, woo! I was over an hour late for the 6pm start time because I work until 7pm, and still I was welcomed with open arms.

There was still A LOT of pizza from Williamsburg Pizza… in Williamsburg. I had some of the veggie kind!

A blurry pic and the only vegetables I ate all day…all week?

It also came in really cute special pizza boxes branded with the #catbirdtakesmanhattan hashtag situation and they stacked them up by a mirror and I liked the look of it.

I mean, come on. So cute.

Speaking of food I also ate m&ms. It was very important to me that I get through the crowd of gals and to the candy because I need to have a sweet food after a meal or I will surely perish. They said “Catbird”on them!

Besides the food and drink they were giving away, they had some cool stuff in the store. I saw a rat paperweight! NEED IT.

I will repeat…I NEED IT.

They had lotion and other bath and body stuff which I haven’t seen online or at their others stores but I may have not been looking hard enough. I used some hand cream that smelled SO GOOD and I kept smelling my hands all the way to the PATH train.

Forgot to get a pic of the hand cream but here is some Fairy Floss.

I checked out the jewelry and all of my favorites were there. Basically I like the very tiny and delicate and simple rings and earrings and necklaces and no one that loves me trusts me enough not to lose them so they won’t get them for me. Which is fair because I don’t trust myself not to lose them enough to buy them for myself. I need more practice with the fake gold tiny rings I got. I’ve had them two months so far! It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

They only have a few jewelry options at this winter market location and it’s not a full store, but there is talk coming from their direction that there WILL be a full Manhattan store soon enough. I heard it, I swear!


The “zapping” going on is this thing where you pick a one of their gold bracelets and they weld it to you! Literally you sit down and there is an impeccably dressed welder/jeweler gal and she measures the gold chain to your wrist and then pops on some safety googles and welds it together and TO YOU, FOREVER. Until it falls off and you lose it I guess, which would happen to me.


Not the zapping, but some other fun golden stuff!

I made a few laps around and looked at the beautiful goods and chatted with a gal that worked there and then I felt it was time to go. I felt hot and crowded but by no fault of theirs. I also didn’t feel like making any new friends. Sometimes I don’t feel like making any new friends! Next time.

Chatting! A pro photog gal took this one and Catbird sent the link in an email. Can you see how sleepy I am?! I almost didn’t make it. I’m having a hard week. As far as energy. You guys.

As I left they passed me a cool swag tote! Wahooo! Look at all this cool stuff:

And a cute little note!

And one more SWAN for the cheap seats…

That’s all I have to report. And also that I will try my best to return for holiday shopping!

Cute stuff!

Currently I’m very into walking along the Lafayette street stretch between like, East 4th and Canal, and the Catbird Winter Market is near there. There’s a lot of fun and fancy shopping stuff to look at and I do believe the Duane Reade/Walgreens I walked past on the way there is one of the BIRCHBOX WALGREENS so I’ll have to go back for that. I tried to keep myself out of it this time. I succeeded!

Do you like Catbird? What’s your fav thing at Catbird? I’m not going to ask if you dislike Catbird because I don’t care. Do you like winter markets? Are there any other winter markets you can tell me about?! I’m very excited for the Jersey City Project Market which is usually the first weekend of December but I can’t find anything about it online IT BETTER BE HAPPENING.

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