votes mcgoats.

You guys, you gotta vote. It is ELECTION. DAY.

You really have no excuse. If you say something about like “I don’t want the government to track me” or “I won’t make a difference” or “I’m cool because I don’t care look at me I am literally the sunglasses emoji, bro,” I will 100% punch you in the face and you WILL deserve it.

I’m ashamed to say I almost didn’t get to vote today. I’m embarrassed and I’m mad at myself and I feel like a bad citizen and I will share it with you.

I moved in May of this year. In about August of this year I was like “shit I moved I have to register to vote at my new home SHIT.”

I went online to register.

New Jersey does not do online voter registration. I had to PRINT OUT A FORM and MAIL IT with a STAMP. THAT WAS THE LAST THING I WANTED TO DO.

I put it off and put it off until like 2 weeks ago when I finally sent it in and realized that it needed to be sent in 90 days in advance.

Well shit.

Yesterday I Googled “am I registered to vote?!” and came upon You can check there!

And I was! Still at my old address! Victory! You should check too! I’m serious! Go vote!

They don’t have stickers at Grace Church Van Vorst though. FYI. <glares at church>

In Jersey City we had a v important quesh about Airbnb rules and regulations that everyone has been talking about. I didn’t fully understand it until this morning so I would recommend looking it up and reading about it a little so you get what it’s about. I mean I guess just like you would with anything you vote for.

Thx bye.

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