hiit is lit.

Today was a fail at #workoutwednesday for me because I didn’t work out. I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and sore throat and I couldn’t go to my HIIT class (“Train Jane”) with Taylor at JaneDO and I was infinitely sad about it.

I decided to be a good citizen and not go and cough all over everyone AND THE EQUIPMENT. Do you see how that works? Don’t go places when you’re sick. You’re not tough. You’re just infecting the rest of us. QUARANTINE YOURSELF. I’m watching you. And judging you. But that’s a rant for another day let’s get back to #workoutwednesday, AMIRITE?!

At a pool, inspired by JaneDO!

People I know and meet around the town and the state and the country and the world ask me what I think of JaneDO and what their classes are like and what class I think they may like best.

They think I’m an expert at this and I like that feeling. I would say at this point I AM an expert at “taking class at JaneDO” but that’s about as far as it goes. I’m going to share my expertise here!

Cartwheel on a beach, inspired by JaneDO!


JaneDO is a gym for women that started in Jersey City, NJ, owned by two former Rockettes, Jacey and Dani. I’m only going to talk about the Jersey City studio today because that’s all my brain can do. Sometimes men pop up in there too and I have made my boyfriend go before, but it’s not what one would call a “male space.” It always smells nice because they have like a candle AND an air diffuser going. It looks pretty inside but not too girly. They used to have a cool mural of colors but they painted over that and now the wall is black and pink, which I also like!

They also used to have a neon sign in their window that said, “Girls, Girls, Girls” and it would shine down on Newark Ave at night, a bright pink invitation to…I don’t think people were quite sure what it was an invitation to but it was my favorite thing. At some point someone made them take it down for not being “appropriate” or some “dumb shit” like that and I was sad. BUT IT’S BACK BABY! On the inside.


The gals at the desk are always welcoming and they always have fun merch. Again, just like the decor and vibe of the studio it’s girly but not too girly. I love girly shit but I live in a state of constant guilt/turmoil over being seen as basic for liking girly shit too much and I have avoided certain workouts because of it. This isn’t one I avoid because they seem to have found the perfect balance!

And back to the merch. I always love what they have because it’s like they reached inside of my head without me knowing and took the knowledge of what merch I wanted without me even knowing they were taking it and then it just magically appeared before my eyes to buy. I guess this means they’re good at merchandising? Advertising? Marketing? Is this the whole plot of Mad Men? I really don’t know.

These are their workout pants and this is my best life.

So they have a couple of different workouts at JaneDO and I would like to tell you all about them! I will start with my favorite in descending order. Again these are personal opinions and although I would like you to take everything I say as fact these are not officially verified facts. Here we go!

“Train Jane”

Train Jane is a HIIT class and also my most favorite. “HIIT” stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and as the name suggests THE INTENSITY IS HIGH AF. In their class they usually alternate between cardio and strength but recently they added a longer two song cardio in the middle and I hate cardio but I guess I GOTTA. You get so so sweaty in this class and it is hard as hell. Once time I went through a phase for like a month where I was like “I’m gonna take Train Jane every day for a month and see what happens!” And I felt pretty good. It was super hard but maybe I’ll do it again.

Train Jane on a healthier Wednesday.

I like Train Jane most because I pride myself in having strength and we get to use the heavy weights in that one. I do not have any pride in my cardio skills and dread those songs and I’m always out of breath but like I said I guess I gotta do it.

“Tramp Stamp”

Beyond the perfect and hilarious name of the class, Tramp Stamp is really fun and a great workout (I think). You use these little one person trampolines that fold up and store away when the class isn’t happening and it’s kind of crazy how fast they can all get set up and broken down.

Jumping on the trampoline the way you need to is hard in your first class. It’s weird to explain but when you’re a kid you jump UP, UP INTO THE AIR! But when you’re a grownup in an exercise class you have to kind of push down into the trampoline and it’s a crazy feeling you have to get used to. I think it took me about 5 classes to really get the feel for it.

Love it.

In Tramp Stamp you also lift weights! My fav! But sometimes you use lighter ones and do acrobatic stuff incorporating or balancing on the trampoline and it’s super hard and you look at the instructor like “PLZ STOP.” But they like when you look at them like that. Weird.

I enjoy Sai’s Tramp Stamp class a lot because he plays fun silly music, but they’re all good.

“Get Lifted”

This is the one I like to take when I’m really tired or don’t feel 100%. It’s not easy at all, but it’s the stuff I feel like I’m better at so it’s more comfortable for me. There’s no cardio! Yissss. Ugh cardio. Please die already.

Get Lifted is similar to a barre class in some ways but it evolved from a barre class in the beginning (under a different name) to something different but also good. Sometimes I miss that leg shaking stuff at the barre but who really misses that and I could just go take a barre class if I wanted.

Getting ready for Get Lifted.

This is the class I took my boyfriend to and he declared that “JaneDO is training an army and they are going to kill us all.” Wow dude. He had a really hard time though! It’s just that the kind of workouts dudes do are super different I guess. Also I think that guys think we have like a slumber party and giggle in there but it’s actually really hard so HAVE SOME RESPECT.

“Step It Up”

I want to like “Step It Up” but it makes me too scared. Every time I step on and off the step I’m afraid I’m going to trip and get hurt and then I won’t be able to take ANY of these classes for like weeks and then I’ll fall into a dark hole of sadness and never be seen again.

I’m just not very coordinated and I don’t trust myself. But it’s a cool class! It’s very hard to keep stepping up and down which you may realize, and it’s a good cardio workout. They also stop the stepping and do some weights in here too, incorporating the step sometimes like in the trampoline class. You should do it, go ahead!

Getting ready for a class that isn’t Step It Up because I’m too scared to do Step It Up.


DYAO is an abreev of “Dance Your Ass Off” and it is loved by many. People ask me if it’s like Zumba but I’ve never taken Zumba so I honestly don’t know. I DO know that it is different from dance class, like the ones I have taken for exercise at Broadway Dance Center or The Sweat Spot. I guess it’s a combo of both?!

Speaking of combos you learn a kinda sporty dance combo that is usually a lot of jumping up and down and moving around and you repeat it for a whole song and then you kinda know it! And they do a recap at the end. The combos all have different silly names like “Morlees” or…I don’t know Morlees is the only one I remember because that’s the store downstairs from them. As you may realize this is my least favorite class because it’s here at the bottom and I was putting more effort into staying alive than learning the names of the songs when I was taking it.

A big thing for me is the jumping up and down on the hard floor too many times a week hurts my legs. I am old.

I do think that if I had to choose a cardio between like running, biking, and dance cardio, I would choose the dance cardio. It’s just the type of movement I’m most used to and feel comfortable with (as comfortable as I can while I’m struggling for breath) because of my background in cheerleading.

Group photo at JaneDO, presented without context.

And those are my thoughts!

Do you go to class at JaneDO? Which is your favorite? Do you work out somewhere else? What is your favorite somewhere else? What is your LEAST favorite?

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