bojack is back.

You guys, Bojack is back! It’s my most favorite show of all time for a few reasons near and dear to my heart which will be explored here.

Also I have no pictures for this since it’s just my thoughts but I will share pictures of when I was one of the characters, Princess Carolyn, for Halloween a few years ago.

The first half of the final (SOB) season got dropped into Netflix yesterday and I spent about 3 hours watching it last night which was unexpected and weird for me at this point in my life I’ve gotten to where I looked at the clock before I went to bed and I saw “1:00am”

And then I was shocked.

And then I was like “who have I become?”

But let’s let that go for a minute and learn more about Bojack.

Bojack Horseman is an adult cartoon that is on Netflix and it is filled to the brim with anthropomorphic animals, incredibly brilliant puns, a ton of stuff that makes me laugh, an almost equal amount of stuff that makes me cry, criticism of Hollywood that is on point and amazing even if you think LA is great like I do, and frank and thoughtful depictions of mental illness and people being complicated and the gray areas of life I’ve only recently learned to accept and embrace and I think this show honestly actually helped me with that.

It is an amazing show.

Bojack is a dude that back in the 90s was in a very famous TV showwww (theme song sung by Grouplove another reason to love it duh) and he was always kind of a piece of shit but at the time when the first season starts he is an alcoholic and mean and self centered and terrible.

I’m not giving anything away, this isn’t a recap, just an admission of worship, but through the seasons you learn about why Bojack is so unhappy and the shitty stuff that happened in his life. And you find out about the shitty stuff that happened in most of the main character’s lives and how it affects them in the present. And it’s sad and shitty and it makes me cry. But I come back for the puns.

And also for the solidarity! No less than one billion thinkpieces have been written about the show’s depvejchin of mental illness so I’m not going to philosophize endlessly about this but I will say that it’s refreshing and comforting and I pretty much want to high 5 my TV when I see characters that have “issues” and those issues are fully explored and respected but these characters are also shown living their lives and being around people and doing shit. And it’s like, the lens of their issues is there, but they’re people and they’re normal and this normalizes and destigmatizes the whole thing.

Okay maybe I did philosophize a little but hopefully not endlessly.

My favorite silly animal thing on this show, if I had to pick one, because I love them all, is this newscaster whale man, Tom Jumbo Grumbo.

He comes on the news and takes up the whole screen and yells and has a big whale mouth and it always makes me laugh but is also like, this is exactly the impression that I get from watching the news a lot of times. And I love that it’s this fully fleshed out visual metaphor that I can drink right up and be delighted by.

The people that make this show are fucking brilliant and I wish I could be that smart. Is what I’m saying.

What I’m also saying is you gotta watch it! It’s the last season of the show, it’s all on Netflix. The weather outside is getting colder and it’s dark at night early now so it seems like the perfect time for a full out binge.

Do it!

If you have watched it, do you like it?! Who is your fav character? Who is your least fav? What about hr has made you think? What is your fav episode?

K go watch it bye.

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