ladies be crafting.

I love crafting. Yes most women my age with disposable income and disposable free time and nothing better to do love crafting. Sue us. Deal with it. Get over it.

To craft is to achieve the quest for a higher level of self.

Me with finished craft, quest for higher self achieved. Special bonus look at my hand wound from my tumble on Monday.

Or something.

As a kid I hated making art because I suck at it. I still pretty much suck at it. I hated things I sucked at as a kid and I hate things I suck at now. Get them away from me and never speak to me about them again. I’m serious.

I never had good hand eye coordination and I still don’t. I also have very poor eyesight and I’ve always had that too. It’s very difficult for me to paint or draw or embroider or do other things that require fine motor skills. I’m a broad strokes kinda gal and the finer precision type shit just turns into an incoherent blob as I add more and more and dig myself deeper and deeper into not actually making anything.

But then I learned to separate crafting from some of the finer art forms. No I can’t draw or paint but I CAN hot glue something on to another thing and sprinkle some crack on it and then that’s a craft! I did it! It gets a place of honor in my home or maybe even someone else’s home! It gets put in a special box for safekeeping and only comes out at certain times of year for holidays. It is honored and respected, as am I.

Pile of stuff I hot glued together and then it became a “craft.”

Where can you craft in Jersey City?

Crafts and Carafes at Porta!

Omg Porta has spoooky eyes on their front door!

Hosted by Chandra and Mallory, it is everything I ever wanted for a Thursday night and more. They did a couple craft events last fall and I was really hoping they would do it again AND THEN THEY DID.

First of all my love for Porta knows no bounds, which I will explore separately and fully on another day. Second of all the wine carafes are 20% off.

Eating and drinking and crafting!

So I met up with my pals Maria and other Shannon and ordered myself a 14 1/2 and a white wine carafe and got to work!

14 1/2!

Last night’s project was a dream catcher which I honestly haven’t thought about for a long time but when I found out I was just as excited about them as the first time I learned about them in grade school. Because they’re cool AF. LIKE HANG THIS ABOVE MY BED AND IT WILL CATCH MY BAD DREAMS?! I HATE BAD DREAMS! THIS IS BAD ASS.

Samples expertly made by the hostess artists!

They had the supplies all set up on the table looking so cute and the lighting was dim and the candles were glowing and the wine was flowing and it was all very cozy and wonderful.

Is this cute OR IS THIS CUTE?

Hocus Pocus was playing in the background as I selected my supplies so things just kept getting better.

We used embroidery hoops as the base and lace doilies as the “web” and then there were leaves, fake flowers, ribbons, fabric, embroidery thread, and some kind of straw threads for EMBELLISHMENTS.

And that was pretty much it. We crafted and we chatted and we drank wine and ate Italian comfort foods and we also made some new pals! One pictured here with Maria and Chandra but I forgot her name. But she had a very cool tattoo of pine trees and I was super into it.

Pals new and old!

Most made their dream catchers seasonal for fall and they were adorbs but I want to keep mine hanging always so I made it to match my room! I used pink and gold embroidery thread and pink and white fake flowers and white and green and reddish ribbons for the hanging part at the bottom. I think it fits in comfortably on my wall right above my head RIGHT WHERE I SLEEP.

Finished craft!
And hanging above where I sleep, TO CATCH MY DREAMS.

There will be Crafts and Carafes next month too! I believe they said on 11/21. Dammit I should have written it down and have brought shame upon myself and causal journalism by not writing it down, wtf is wrong with me. But on what I think is 11/21 it will be a craft of Thanksgiving centerpieces which we made last year and had the time of our lives and I will be returning for more!

Do you like crafts? Do you like carafes? If not you’re no friend of mine.

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