i like blue apron.

I didn’t know how to cook until my mom got me Blue Apron.

I was 31 years old.

I never learned how to cook! I’m sorry! I was one of those gals that was like “I order food and eat at restaurants every day and I use my oven to store fashions hehehe.” Ugh. I was annoying.

Okay I take that back it’s okay and not annoying if you use your oven to store fashions, but you’re missing out! Cooking is kind of fun and also one of those methodical things you can get lost in and it will bring you peace. It’s the bringing of daily peace I’m most interested in. For myself. And for you.

So when I started using Blue Apron I could only make pasta. Like, boil water, dump in pasta, add sauce from a jar – pasta!

I ate a lot of pasta.

Oh wait I could make eggs too. Sometimes I I would crack an egg INTO pasta as a drunk snack. I often made it for late night visitors. They would be like “but why?”

And also frozen meals! I would get those healthy choice ones that are like 10 for 10 dollars or something ridiculous like that. Frozen pizza pretty often, sometimes I would add extra fresh vegetables. More often I would add extra pepperoni. And I really liked (still like) Amy’s frozen meals but for FANCY times because they are FANCY.

But then came Blue Apron! I learned about seasoning foods and what foods go together and tried new vegetables and new spices and new combinations of foods and tastes and flavors and how it all goes together. Honestly I knew none of this before.

I also learned about how long certain things should get cooked and how different types of pots and pans work and the best kinds of utensils to use. I sadly never really learned how to use knives safely so people still get very nervous while watching me use them. I’m sorry. I’m bad at knives. I don’t know what to tell you.

This isn’t an ad for Blue Apron and I don’t work for Blue Apron and I don’t want to MARRY THEM but I do like how they break things down in a simple step by step way with pictures and make it easy for the cooking novice I once was to understand. They also always have a fun little flyer in the box with the recipes that ‘s like “Check out these tomatoes!” or “Fairy Tale Eggplants are cool!” (they are) and I enjoy these little moments of learning because I like to learn always and at all moments.

The beauty of Blue Apron is that it is portioned out into meals already and they have also already decided what you are going to make.

As a person living alone and usually only cooking for myself I don’t want to deal with buying a shit ton of shit at the grocery store and having one million pieces of whatever leftover and then it goes bad and I feel bad, for the earth and for the starving children wherever starving children are living these days. This is very obviously hyperbole, but when you buy the smallest amount of anything in order to serve one person on one day there WILL be stuff left over and it WILL go bad.

I also HATE DECIDING what to eat. I mean everyone does. If you don’t hate deciding what to eat you are some kind of freak. Blue Apron or whatever meal thing you choose does it for you and you never have to think about it again. It is truly a gift.

Recently I haven’t been making Blue Aprons, 1 because my commute time has doubled since I moved to The Hill from Downtown and they SHUT DOWN MY LIGHT RAIL STOP FOR 9 MONTHS, and 2 because my shit (in this case “shit” is mail and packages) gets stolen every day since I moved to The Hill from Downtown. Cool cool.

But this week I forgot to cancel Blue Apron and it auto renews so it got sent to me and miraculously it survived to make it into my possession, hooray! So last night I made Seared Cod with Saffron Rice and it was every inch the fulfilling and enjoyable experience I remembered! Here is a time lapse if you’d like to see me bop around my kitchen and my arms jiggle as I wash dishes and also have kind of a hard time because I took a tumble rushing down Marin yesterday morning and the palms of my hands are injured terribly.


What even are these marks?

I’m also using knives dangerously in that time lapse but don’t be scared because I have it under control. I think.

It’s relaxing to get everything all set up and organized and then just start the cooking. It feels very responsible. Very grown up. Very balanced.

Balance. Ever heard of it?

I usually make the meals and then put them in to go containers and bring them for lunch the two days after. I got into the habit of doing this when I was trying to lose weight, and the meals seemed too large to eat at night at the time. And now I just do it because that’s what I got used to doing. Don’t be mad.

Yum! I fed myself!

Yes this is fish, and yes I put it in the microwave at work. I know that’s frowned upon but I scoff in the face of your scorn. It’s food. I eat it. Deal with it.

Have you ever tried Blue Apron? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is there another one you like better? I’ve also tried Hello Fresh but I didn’t like it as much for whatever reason. I’m sad I’ve had to stop Blue Apron because of the THIEVERY ON THE HILL, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to start it again.

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