canal street market.

Okay I’m going to come right out and say it. I hate NYC.

Whew. That felt good.

It’s just…too much. Day in, day out. Too many people, competing for space and resources. It smells bad. IT SMELLS SO BAD. Everyone and everything smells bad. I really can’t. And everyone is squeezing into tiny little spaces and acting like it’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to them because they need to convince themselves/justify the amount of money they pay to live inside of a thimble in the “greatest city in the world” is normal and acceptable and okay. And it’s not.

And those same people act like they’re special because they put up with this bullshit. Like “oh yeah we know it’s terrible but we have pride because we accept these deplorable living conditions and live through them and that makes us tough and also so cool hey check out our leather jackets.” And it’s like no. Just stop.

Anyway when I hated NYC much less and I still had the glow and promise and hope of youth I used to go into NYC from my home in JC or the home I once had in Hoboken which I don’t like to talk about and I would walk around and look at stuff and check everything out and take pictures (at one time with my “digital camera”) and enjoy exploring and learning new things about NYC because it hadn’t yet become the abusive boyfriend I’m unable to break up with that pushes me down the stairs every day.

So last week I had a couple of free days and on one of those days I did go exploring! And I weirdly ended up on Canal St which I hate as a rule because there are way too many people and it definitely smells really bad and there’s just a lot of junk and unwanted stimulation and everyone is trying to sell you something and it makes me want to jump in front of a taxi and end it all.

But on this fine day I came across a cool fun cute new spot that I was previously unaware of and that spot was called the Canal Street Market and it looked like my kinda jam from the outside so I entered for a closer look.

Okay sure!

And I liked what I saw! There were some very cool vendors in there!

First of all they had this super cute florist booth right at the entrance from Fox Fodder Farm. I’m a sucker for flowers I love them. I guess many gals are but can you blame us? They’re just so bright and pretty and smell nice and there isn’t a better item out there in the world for purchase, I’m sorry.

Oh JK because they also had this booth of BONSAI TREES WHAT?! Ever since the summer of 2007 when I went to Montreal with my mom and dragged her to the botanical garden and we learned that bonsai trees aren’t a species of tree but like, A WAY THAT TREES ARE GROWN my mind remains completely blown and blows up over top of previous explosions every time I see some. I love them. Thank you.

There were also ancillary plants just growing around by windows on the perimeter of the market and I love any and all plants especially ancillary plants even though plants usually die under my watch because I’m a mid-30s basic bitch cliche and have an unlimited supply of plant death memes I fully relate to. Sorry plants. Still love ya.

Speaking of plants and enemies of plants I came across this print of what appears to be a spotted lanternfly and I did not approve of the deification of this insect in art because they are dangerous invader bug aliens and we’re supposed to kill all of them although they do have very pretty bright colored wings underneath the gray parts and it makes me sad to smash them so I don’t but please don’t tell the NJ or PA departments of getting rid of invasive species because I really do want to do my part to save the trees.

The enemy.

This fun AF shop called Siizu had a ton of cute pieces of jewelry and I had to run away very fast because I would have bought the whole place and then had to move into a cardboard box at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel on the Manhattan side because I never would have made it back to JC.

Funny little animal toy type accessories were there in abundance and I really liked the colors of these.

Can’t go wrong with…BEARS WEARING PANTS!

A couple of different indoor plaza type spaces were in pockets at the back of the building and I loved that! It’s getting cold out and we’ll all need indoor spaces to hang out and cry and shiver in soon. This one was bright with a nice skylight and windows that faced a little courtyard and ALSO MORE PLANTS.

Oh hi. Hey…ur cute.

One thing I didn’t really get to look into while I was there but got excited about was this Canal Street Radio situation. Apparently they record podcasts there and I should listen to some of them! It’s in the corner in the back and I guess if you’re podcasting up in there the shoppers can walk by and see you as you’re recording and that seems pretty badass. I wish I had an idea for a podcast…MAYBE I DO ACTUALLY.

I was also aware there were foods in the building, but I sadly was not interested in any of the foods. I took a browse but wasn’t on board with any of the smells…I’m sorry. I WAS looking for a sweet treat as usual and was hoping for some ice cream and I saw this sign…

So I followed it and came across another…

But when I finally got there I wasn’t interested in their flavor offerings. Again I’m sorry!

Anyway it was a cool little place to walk around on a cold cloudy day off and I would and will return to peruse it (since you’re smart you DO KNOW that “peruse” means to explore it very carefully and AT LENGTH so I ‘m saying I will spend MUCH MORE TIME there next time, but you knew that) and even actually shop. I’ll do it. It was nice to have a “cool I stumbled across something cool and random as I was walking through NYC and that hasn’t happened in a decade because I hate everything” moment.

It’s the little things. This post doesn’t really have a point so maybe that’s the point. I don’t know. MONDAY SUX AMIRITE?!?!?!

Have you ever been to Canal Street Market? Were you aware of Canal Street Radio? What are your thoughts? On both? On either? On neither? Do you hate me for not liking the food? How can I make myself like the food? I’ve been trying for years.

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