ghost of uncle joe’s 2019.

Okay so as usual Ghost of Uncle Joe’s at The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery hosted by Dancing Tony was FREAKIN AWESOME and after a certain hour all bets were off as far as what I was going to be able to remember to write about but I took the best notes I could and again by no means is this an accurate journalistic portrayal of the event but more a personal account/reflection/manifesto of what went down within the space between my own ears and a few feet in front of my face so if there were any details you saw differently please feel free to rant about them in the comments or DMs or to heckle me directly on the street, I’m open to it.

Also I’m very hungover today and ate too many vanilla Oreo cookies and slices of pepperoni pizza for “dinner” at midnight last night and also for “breakfast” at 12:30pm today so I’m not feeling 100% myself so plz forgive me.

After that lengthy and unnecessary preamble, let’s begin.

We walked over to the Harsimus Cemetery from Nick’s home in the heights. It wasn’t a bad walk, about 20 mins, and it was a beautiful fall day. Like the kind you only dream about when it starts to be fall and you’re like I can’t wait for the days when the sky is fully, FULLY blue and there are some fluffy clouds and there is a golden light from the sun shining down and everything is basking and shimmering in tones of gold and also somehow mums end up everywhere and you’re like wow. It was that day yesterday. It really was.

This was taken on Friday in the Target parking lot but yesterday was similar.

As we walked Nick seemed to be agitated as he was wearing multiple cardboard boxes as a school bus and he couldn’t move his arms to grab stuff in his pockets and I really thought things were going to start going downhill right away but then people started to comment on his costume and hey excited about it and he said he “almost caused an accident” because someone was looking at him in wonder and he started to realize he was getting a lot of positive feedback for the costume to he settled into the discomfort of the costume and started to really be excited and on board and it was a lovely thing to see since I was so damn excited about it.

Loved it! <3

As we arrived at the graveyard we first saw that there was a bike valet from Bike JC! Cool! If only we rode our bikes. We didn’t BUT it was a very cool thing and just like any self respecting white chick/hipster/gentrifier I’m fully on board with anything that makes biking more accessible/easier/safer/more convenient so thank YOU Bike JC. I also spoke to who I see as the leader of Bike JC during the JCAST weekend at one point and shared my fears about always feeling like I’m going to die when I’m riding a bike and he kind of talked me off the ledge a little so I love that guy. We can talk about that another time.

Then we entered and it was fab! My favorite part of Halloween parties is everyone else’s costumes. I love to see what people dressed as and admire their genius or make guesses if I’m not really sure or be grossed out if it’s gross or laugh if it’s funny…I just love everything about it. I saw a gumball machine I liked, some Midsommer gals (I also happened to watch that movie yesterday as a pump up before the party and it was great), another Ms. Frizzle that had planets/space on her dress and was adorable, a really cool rendition of the GLOW squad, and many more!

I love my costume and I love YOUR costume.

I also saw a lot of what I will call the “Jersey City Cop Out” costume which is black and a leather jacket and like wine colored lipstick if you’re a girl. Which is fine I guess but it’s not a costume because people in jersey city wear that every weekend. Or like every day. And it’s fine but it’s not a costume. You know who you are. Wear a costume! Have fun! Come on! Actually I don’t care what you do but I am sad when not everyone wears a costume because costumes are fun and I’m sad for them that they’re missing out but if they’re not sad I guess it’s fine.

Everything is fine.

We had some hot dogs that were 2 for $5 and they were just very simple old school hot dogs but delicious and the man that sold them to us let us know he was retired but still working because he loves hot dogs so much I guess and that was quite relatable.

We found one of my friends that used to live here and was up from DC and he was with his mom and his girlfriend, both who I have good natured-ly stalked and fallen in love with on social media and I got to meet them in person and I was very glad! They were also kind enough to let us sit on some sitting scarves they had brought and that was simply grand.

Cozy on the sitting scarves.

Keep in mind if you’re not from here and you don’t know about this that all of these bands are cover bands and not the actual bands but that is part of the fun because the bands dress up in costume as the bands they are covering and it is incred and a brilliant and wonderful idea.

Paramore by Forget the Whale

So we settled in and started to watch the bands and Paramore was first! The gal in costume as the lead singer gal of Paramore looked really cool, in a blue leather looking romper dress and bright yellow Dr Martens. They rocked out and it was badass.

Also during Paramore I met a local fan of me! She was with someone I knew, I introduced myself and she said, “I know who you are, I know everything about you,” so the only thing I can think is that she is an avid reader of this blog. Thanks anonymous fan! You are seen. If only everyone could know as much as you then this thing would really get off the ground. We’ll get there.

Thank you random fan, I accept your recognition and reverence.

Bad Boy by Break a Leg Ent

This was fine. I do have a great deal of middle school nostalgia attached to this music so it was fun to reminisce and sing along. I did once almost get literally kicked out of a 6th grade sleepover for scream singing “B-I-G, PO-PP-A, NO INFO FOR THE DEA, FEDERAL AGENTS MAD CUZ IM FLAGRANT TAPPED MY CELL AND THE PHONE IN THE BASEMENT” over and over at 3am but at Ghost of Uncle Joe’s I could scream sing along as loud as I wanted and not have to face any consequences and that was grand.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs by Corey Zack and Lindsay Sanchez

Omg. The extent of my love for Karen O can never be fully expressed. What a gal. This band did a great job of capturing that energy. And I just love hearing songs I know and singing along to them and that was what this was. I was dancing and singing and loving life Karen O style and I think this may have been my fav band of the whole day.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Meatloaf by Drum and a Tantrum

I was up looking at the goats when Meatloaf started so I had to run down. They have goats here! They cut the grass by eating the grass! They’re cute and friendly and like to make human pals! What a place.

Meatloaf is one of those things that is a big deal in my family. Listening to Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell 2 (Back into Hell) on repeat in the car was like a family tradition and is now an inside joke. Get on board.

They started with I guess the most well known song to our age group “I Would Do Anything for Love (But I won’t do that)” and at least ten people were like “Isn’t Celine Dion the lady singer in this song?” No. But good try. I guess.

Terrible picture of Meatloaf, sorry.

Then they played “2 out of 3 ain’t bad” or whatever it’s actually called, which is like my JAM but I was singing it really loud and looking for someone to make an eye contact connection with to have that like “moment” of music appreciation with and there was no one to be found. Like where are my mom and dad when I need them JEEZ.

Meatloaf was then like, “ok we’re playing one more song” and I could have sworn they only played two songs already so I was outraged but the last one was more of a medley and there were some real winners in there so I commend them.

KC and the Sunshine Band by The Defending Champions

This was a fun one! Just fun to dance to and sing a long with. At this point things had started to get fuzzy so…yeah.

With pals!

Coldplay by The Demi High School Band (members of Hey Anna)

All I have written down for this is that they “played the ones we know” which is an inside joke I have with my friend Alli about when we go to concerts and they’ll play some new bullshit we’ve never heard before and we just want to hear the ones we’ve heard before so we can sing along so we start a silly chant of “PLAY THE ONE WE KNOW!” And playing the ones we know is a GOOD thing so I’m thinking the band that did Coldplay played like…I don’t know, the Coldplay songs we know. Of which there are many.

In my mind, this is what everything looked like at this point.

Torico Ice Cream Break

After Coldplay we apparently left the graveyard and walked to Torico ice cream where I suddenly found myself standing at the counter there and I ordered 3 scoops: rocky road, banana peanut butter, and chocolate peanut butter, in a cup and took it to the face. We walked to pet shop as I was eating it and I wasn’t finished yet so I sat outside until I was done because it’s rude as hell and possibly illegal to go into bars with outside food.

Pet Shop – Heart by The Heart Attack

Once I finished my ice cream we were in Pet Shop and Heart started to play! We heard a bit of them, I have written down that they did Alone and Barracuda, but those could have been ice cream induced delusions. We went in and out from the backyard a few times, watched and danced a little, then decided to head to FM because we wanted to see The Cranberries.

Unrelated Halloween decoration photo somewhere on Newark Ave.

FM – aimless wandering

On the way to FM we ran into two guys dressed as Robert Smith for their later rendition of The Cure and started to get excited. We got to FM and hung out a little and tried to find a spot but we felt very crowded and had to pee so we went down the block to Abbey’s and no one in there seemed to have any idea that there was a BADASS HALLOWEEN PARTY HAPPENING ALL OVER TOWN so that was weird. Back at FM we were still feeling very crowded and also very tired and kind of over it. We didn’t want to admit we felt tired and over it because we felt this signified being old but we are in fact old and we had to come to terms with it right then and there.

Confirmed as old 😔

We went back to Abbey’s for a drink and decided to head up the hill to Lo-Fi to catch the last band there at 11pm.


We arrived at Lo-Fi and I ran to the back to peek through the cracks in the fence and see if any of the Urban Quack residents were awake that I could say hi too. Of course they weren’t awake because they are farm animals and go to sleep when the sun sets, duh shan. I do love that they’re there though and will visit them again during regular farm animal business hours soon.

Back inside it was really crowded but somehow they were still serving pizza and I was involved in a Detroit auto parts tray pizza pan collision and then I was like you know what it’s time to go home. I AM old and I CAN’T anymore.

So we walked home and then I ordered a large pepperoni pizza and ate 3 slices and went right to sleep.

And that’s where our story ends.

Great day, highest point in our relationship, 10/10 would Joe’s again.

I know there were way more bands! We were sad to miss Blink 182 by Babraham Lincoln at Pet Shop and also LCD Soundsystem by John Busse at Porta, to name a few. We blew it.

Did you go? How did you get there? What was your costume? Did you make any new friends or meet any anonymous fans of you? What bands did you like best?! What costumes did you like best? Did you think it was too crowded at the after parties or am I just being a baby?

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