ms. frizzle and the magic school bus halloween costumes.

I love Halloween so much.


It’s always “a thing” to decide what to be and this year I overheard the friends I went to the finger lakes with a few weeks ago talking about Ms. Frizzle when I was in the bathroom and I was like “Dammit! They’re talking about being Ms. Frizzle for Halloween that’s a great idea WHY DIDNT I THINK OF IT?!” So later I causally brought it up like “what are you guys being for Halloween?” And no one even knew so I guess they were talking about Ms. Frizzle for unrelated reasons so THE COSTUME IDEA WAS MINE.

If you are my age (34) or a little older or a little younger you may recall ms. Frizzle but I also consulted some much younger co-workers and they knew about her so I guess she firmly has her tentacles in our shared cultural consciousness AS SHE SHOULD.

Anyway her whole “thing” was that she had a magic school bus and a pet lizard and she took her class of grade school students on this magic bus and they learned about science and shit. Every adventure was a different scientific lesson. I always loved science but also her outfits so we’re going to talk about how I put this costume together.

Hard at work last night.

I also happily convinced my boyfriend to be the magic school bus (I think he just wants to make jokes all day about me “riding the magic school bus” harharrrr) so we’ll go through his process too.

Ms. Frizzle

I first felt I had to choose a theme for her outfit. I googled some images and I saw a weather one and a magnets one and I think like a zoo one but I was like what do I already HAVE that could apply to this outfit? And then I was like omg yeah those random ass dinosaur earrings I bought at the Jersey City All About Downtown festival for no apparent reason a few weeks ago. I mean I love them and have worn them on normal days don’t get me wrong but they can ALSO be applied to this costume.

These are them.

So I was like okay I will do dinosaurs! And I can make them out of felt and attach them somehow to a plain dress! Woo!

I got a plain gray dress from ASOS for like $9. Boom.

But I’m not artistic so I was like I really can probably only make a Brontosaurus and MAYBE a TRex on my own without just buying premade dinosaur shapes and smacking them on there so I thought about ways I could EXPAND THE THEME and then I thought of that part in Fantasia when it’s the dinosaurs hanging out but then all that shitty stuff that happened to the dinosaurs starts to happen and then they die and I was like OMG THE SHITTY STUFF! I WILL INCLUDE THE SHITTY STUFF!

So into my head comes like volcanoes, meteors, etc, but then I’m thinking I’ll also make some prehistoric plants to add more color. Lovin’ it.


Okok so then I go to Michael’s on 6th Ave one day during my lunch break and this place is yet another black hole of shit I want to buy and I really can’t control myself but there are so many colors and fun things and I can’t control myself.

So I’m looking for the aisle with the felt and I find the aisle with the felt and there is SO MUCH FELT and also an employee VERY DELIBERATELY SORTING THE FELT but I don’t care because my brain wheels are spinning with all these colors and inspirations.


There is felt and there is also foamy stuff I don’t know what it’s called but it’s foamy maybe it’s called foam. Or “foam board” would make sense. So the foam board they have in regs colors but also in GLITTER COLORS, what?!

Then there are pipe cleaners, googly eyes, little pouf ball things of various shapes and sizes, all kinds of shit. I mean like GET ME OUT OF HERE.

I don’t even know what I would use this for but I can’t wait to find out.

I selected some glitter and non glitter red, yellow, brown, green, and orange foam, and some green felt. I also got red and orange pipe cleaners to be meteor tails, and green pipe cleaners to be part of the plants.

Glittery stuff I didn’t get but wish I did.

Googly eyes also ended up in my bag because I am obsessed with them and like to see them on inanimate objects and will giggle for hours about it but that’s a story for another day.


So I brought this haul home and got to work! I cut out the foam and felt into shapes that I made into meteors, volcanoes, plants, and dinosaurs. I glued some of the different shapes together with a hot glue gun, then I ran out of hot glue and my boyfriend’s roomie was kind enough to give me super glue she had laying around so I could glue the rest, then I pinned them to the dress. Then I added the pipe cleaners and googly eyes for flair. Then I didn’t like the pipe cleaners sticking out so I took them away and added more sparkle foam instead.

Supplies ready to go.

Here’s a time lapse of me just CRAFTING IT OUT.

Then the crafty part was done and it was time to go to bed.

The Magic School Bus

For the magic school bus he took a large box and a small box. He spray painted the boxes white first to hide the writing on them (they were leftover boxes that packages came in), then spray painted them yellow and added school bus accents with black paint.

Spray painting boxes under cover of darkness.

He also got black letters at Target to spell out “School Bus” on the smaller box. Actually I’m not going to lie for the sake of storytelling, I got the letters. And the spray paint. Do you know they keep spray paint in a cage at Home Depot?! It’s trapped! You need assistance to get it out. But they left the cage unlocked this time so I just grabbed it but then the lady at self checkout still asked me for my birthday.

School bus supplies.

So the bus was a bit simpler but he’ll be wearing the larger box over his body and the small box on his head and black clothes underneath and that’s that.

Almost finished boxes.

So that’s how we made them but I’m not going to show the final results until later today and/or tomorrow. Hope we see you at Ghost of Uncle Joe’s WE ARE SO PUMPED.

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