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If you’re a fan of the odd and a fan of those that are fans of the odd and also odd themselves you will love the Jersey City Oddities Market. I never met a skeleton of any species I didn’t like and this market takes it to the next level with taxidermy and old creepy biology charts and other fun things that glow in the dark and/or go bump in the night.

Full disclosure I would say I’m probably just odd in the normal way that most people are a little odd, I wouldn’t consider myself goth or a horror movie buff or anything like that so I just want you to know that I’m not posing as one or trying to be one here and I will leave that to the professionals of which I encountered many yesterday and which I admire and respect especially during this season of spooky. I salute you.

We attended this exhibition of oddities last year in October when it was held at the Harsimus Cemetery, hallowed home of grass eating goats, Pushing Up the Daisies, and most famously Ghost of Uncle Joe’s (can you tell I’m getting PUMPED AF for Ghost of Uncle Joe’s this coming weekend?! BE THERE). This year it was held at Harborside and there were so many vendors! I don’t know how they did it at the cemetery last year but there wouldn’t have been room this year which was pretty cool, to have so many spooky creepy scary vendors ready to get spooky, creepy and scary.

Ceiling so high you’ll lose a balloon 🙁

They had a bar and everything set up thanks to The Lutze, and most of the business at Harborside are closed on Sunday but Modcup was open and saved my boyfriend’s life because I would have murdered him and the market would have had a 6’4” human male skeleton to add to their collection if he continued to exist in my presence while not caffeinated. Thank you Modcup.

My biggest goal while attending this market was to get some early Xmas gifts for my nephew. This is my second year of gradually collecting Xmas gifts as the months go by instead of saving it all for December and stressing myself the F out and turning into a terrifying Scrooge/Grinch/Abominable Snow Monster with a toothache hybrid and I feel like it’s really paying off and working well and I’m glad.

I got him a cement baby doll head from Reimagined Empire because he already loves removing his sister’s baby dolls’ heads (don’t worry he very considerately asks permission first) and putting them out in his mom’s garden (as ART, OBVI) but this cute but creepy little cement baby doll head has an open top so he could feasibly plant a garden INSIDE of it or out whatever else he wants inside of it and I think he’ll love it. Oh man maybe I should have gotten two.

I also got him a cool glow in the dark magnet of a skeleton face from Glowmania. This guy had all kinds of cool glow in the dark magnets and other kinds of glow in the dark stuff like paintings of creepy characters like the ghost dog from Nightmare Before Christmas and other creepy friends we know and love. How many times can I say “creepy” in one post?

I really like the concept of old medical stuff being kind of spooky but in addition to being spooky also being artistic because it is. The whole idea that medicine wasn’t really figured out not very long ago and they did all kinds of freaky experiments that would probably not be approved by today’s standards and they made drawings of it all and people were probably alive and not numbed enough and screaming but they figured some shit out is really cool. A few vendors had a lot of old autopsy drawings and pages from old anatomy books that I was super into.

Two headed duckling?! Scorpion?! Haunted camera?!

The prettiest thing I saw there were these headbands made from rabbit ears by Lonely Bones Jewelry. They were creepy pretty and I’m not big on taxidermy so I don’t know that I would wear them BUT they were made from ears from rabbits that were already killed and being used for food so as not to allow the ears to go to waste and I thought that was great. And I like the flowers that accompany the ears so they’re like you’re a rabbit wearing a flower crown. I don’t know why I feel like I have to justify this but I really liked them so that’s it.

I also really enjoyed this table of delights from Mutantland, Hissy Fit, and Midge Blitz.

Weird NJ had a table there, and I always love checking out their stuff and reading their stories because it SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME to think about all of the things in NJ that are weird and/or haunted but in a GOOD WAY.

Inexplicably, this toad trick or treating.

Also inexplicably, these casual Tupperware containers filled with bones of small animals.

As always I found some clothes to try on and that happened at ADHD Driven’s table/booth. Would we call this a table or a booth? Or something else? I’m confused. Anyway she had some very super cool hand dyed vintage denim and I was ON BOARD.

She graciously allowed me to traverse the full distance of the Harborside space with her merchandise to go to the bathroom and try some jeans on, but sadly neither fit. AND I WAS SO SAD. But then she let me know if I follow her on Instagram and tell her my most loved size/fit of jeans she will look for them when she is looking for jeans to dye and then those can be mine! SO I WILL.

I’ve seen her stuff around the Internet from other folks that like to shop for clothes in Jersey City and I had never seen it in person and this weekend I saw her in person out there in the JC world selling cool shit two days in a row and it was badass.

Lastly…I ATE BUGS! I already wasn’t really feeling well yesterday so I figured WHY NOT I AM ALREADY HERE LET’S EAT SOME BUGS. Liberty Science Center, one of my most fav locations in JC, had a booth about eating bugs and all of the food made of bugs was just laid out.

I ate some of these bugs.

So I picked based on flavor (duh) and chose the Coconut Brittle Bugitos and as I was chewing I asked the lady what bug they were and she was like “Maggots!” And I almost barfed right there but then I asked to look at the bag at the ingredients and it listed the more refined than maggots ingredient of “mealworms” (which are the larvae of a certain kind of beetle and therefore I guess at the same phase of life as maggots) and then I felt okay about it. Semantics are important, people! I do think she may have just been trying to creep me out, in the spirit of the market. And I appreciate that, her giving me the full experience. So then I told her how my chickens love mealworms (they seriously lose their minds when they see a bag of them, and they have VERY GOOD EYESIGHT so they know EXACTLY what is inside that bag) and I was glad to share this culinary experience with them because I love them (I love them so much). And then she said “Bugs are the protein of the future!” And that was that.

What do you think of the Jersey City Oddities Market? Have you been? It’s cool! They’re doing it again on 12/8/19! Check it out…IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU MWAHAHAHAHA SPOOOOOKYYYY.

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