busy bee organics.

It was a beautiful fall weekend and I did a ton of cool shit so I’m just going to keep rolling with telling you about that.

My boyfriend (man friend? partner? lover?) just moved to the Heights and I’ve been going bananas exploring what the Heights has to offer. Jersey City Heights. Not the other Heights. I feel like I’ve confused more than a few Uber drivers talking about this.

I lived in the Heights a decade ago and although I loved it, it was a different land then and did not have the same cool stuff. That’s just the way it goes and I’m sorry.

We always walk past Busy Bee Organics and I can’t stop eating any food ever so this Sunday we decided to go in and see how much of their food I could eat.

First of all this place is fucking adorable. I can’t. There are bees all over the place and bees are very special and we really need to respect and consider their very existence right now so it was great to see bees held in a place of esteem. It really was. Also there was an actual live bee in there buzzing around but I’m not even mad at bees anymore and I let them land on my hand or in my snack and I don’t give them a hard time because they have enough to deal with. Like they’re pretty much going extinct so let’s just let them have some space and enjoy the time they have left. And that’s that.


It was also decorated SO CUTE for the fall season and I’m a sucker for that. But like, who isn’t.

Fall, y’all.

I believe their “thing” is these “buffins” but I had already eaten real breakfast and just wanted a sweet treat or ten so I didn’t get one of these. GUESS THAT MEANS I GOTTA GO BACK HARHAR.

I got one almond cookie with tahini seeds and I like both of these things separately but I’m sorry to say I did not like them together. You can’t win ‘em all.

What I DID like was this peanut butter Samoa cookie. Oh yes, that’s the stuff.

They had samples available of their banana bread (YUM) and a pumpkin pecan bar thing (ALSO YUM).

That’s pretty much it. It was a great place even though I didn’t like the almond tahini cookie but I would go back to try any other outlandish or less outlandish thing they make and also to commune with and celebrate bees.

How sunny and cozy and freakin nice is this?!

Have you been? Have you tried the buffins? What are your thoughts? Do you like bees and respect their struggle? You should.

“Wasn’t hungry” 😒

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