JaneDO Flatiron opening.

Hello good day, happy Friday. I’m tired AF so I’m going to do a quick little one today but it’s about something very fun so I hope you’re on board.

As you know JaneDO is one of my top 5 fav workouts as mentioned here, and last night JaneDO had their Flatiron location opening celebraish and it was certainly wonderful. The Truly flowed freely, Fields Good Chicken gave out delish dinner foods AND $15 coupons, Dough donuts were presented beautifully, and I think maybe people also took some fitness classes but I had already taken mine in the morning so I was there for fun only. JK the classes are also very fun but you know what I mean.

Truly. TRULY.
Fields Good Chicken – was good!
Doughnuts and wishes. JK doughnuts ARE wishes.

The people taking class looked like they were having a great time as I creepily watched in my street clothes. I observed a Dance Your A$$ Off class which is not my fav because I don’t like cardio much but it looked like there were some new fun dances since the last time I took it (probably like a year ago) so maybe I should go back and try again just for kicks. I do like when there are kicks in the dances, I have an okay kick that I feel proud of. And that has value.

Their new Flatiron studio is great, it has big windows that look out over 23rd street and I love how the light comes in during class in the morning. That sounds corny as hell but I’m pretty much 100% reptile when it comes to the sun so a sunlit room is everything I’ve ever wanted. It also has an awesome locker room with wall paper of the great and notorious SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBERG, PLZ HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE. JK PLZ APPLAUD AS MUCH AS YOU SEE FIT WHICH SHOULD BE A LOT.

Me w/RBG
Sunlight, yissssssss (like how a snake would hiss, GET IT?!)

Anyway, it was fun to celebrate their opening and I’m very proud of them and I had some time to catch up with my good pal Kitty and then randomly someone from my high school was in the locker room and works out there too so that was weird but weird in a good way like “why is the world so small I don’t know but I like it because there is comfort in that.”

Me w/ Kitty

That’s all I got for today as I said I’m tired. You should check out JaneDO if you ever find yourself in NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood though! I have guest passes LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO TRY YOU GUYS.

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