the windmill farm and craft market.

Let me tell YOU about this awesome farm and craft market we attended in Penn Yan, NY on our recent trip to the Finger Lakes.

It was called The Windmill Farm and Craft Market and it was awesome.

One of the gals in the group had been before in her wholesome upstate/western NY past and she said we HAD to go because we would LOVE IT and THEN WE DID.

First of all, the “farm” of this market consisted of some BEAUTIFUL PRIZE CHAMPION PRODUCE I AM NOT EVEN JOKING. One thing I really like to attend, that seems kind of weird I guess if you look at the rest of my life but try to stay with me on this one, is a county or state fair because they have FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THAT WIN PRIZES and they are OFTEN ENORMOUS and it is a wildly entertaining thing. So let’s take some time to enjoy this produce. Originally I was going to make a separate post about these called “ode to produce” but I’m going to include these HORTICULTURAL SUPERSTARS (in the Andy Warhol sense) in this post and continue collecting more photo and video coverage of prized fruits and vegetables for a future all encompassing ode.

What a bunch of beauties. I feel in awe of the earth and the fact that we can use it to grow us food and any time I see food bearing plants it makes me feel almost tearful and ACTUALLY, times I have been drunk in Vegas or LA and I have seen actual fruit trees with fruits on them while drunk I have actually shed actual happy tears over my fondness over their existence.


Barbies and Dolls

There were a bunch of Barbies and dolls but I didn’t see any NEW Barbies or dolls although there may have been some there. All of the ones I saw were old and creepy. Not creepy in a bad way, creepy in an “ooooo spooky we’re at a silly craft fair place in a land we don’t know and their values and customs differ from ours’ and ooooo there are creepy dolls here.” Like the creepiness was entertaining and exciting. If you feel me.


OMG THERE WAS FUR. I love fur and I’m sorry. I also love animals. But I also love fur. It’s so soft, it’s so glamorous, it’s so LUXURIOUS. No matter how many videos I see of animals in cages getting beaten (DO NOT GOOGLE THAT) I can’t resist its siren song. Yes the conditions for the animals are terrible and need to be improved…but so does any industry that deals with animals ever. I mean let’s work on all of them but the fur is here now in front of me and it’s soft. That’s not to say I own any new fur. It’s too expensive. I do have vintage fur but I feel like that’s a little more humane as I’m not contributing to any NEW abusive behaviors and I’ve taken over ownership of an existing piece of animal abuse so it hasn’t caused any additional animal abuse. This justification is how I sleep at night please don’t take it away from me.

This booth was interesting because I was just browsing and the woman kept coming over with pieces of fur like “touch this!” And I was like “oh this is rabbit…this is chinchilla…yes that feels like mink” and I identified them all without her assistance/attempts at marketing beyond “touch this!” and she was wide eyed like “WHO IS THIS FUR SAVANT I HAVE BEEN SENT TODAY?!” When you know, you know.


The booth most in line with my preferred aesthetic was the Earth and Autumn Pottery booth that featured…POTTERY! All of the pieces were really pretty and also functional. There were succulents hanging from the walls surrounding the booth, and the vibe was…I don’t know the vibe was MY vibe. It was very “Brooklyn” and I guess I’m being close minded by liking it best but oh well. I got a pretty ornament with a leaf on it that is not pictured below but I love it. I also got some gifts here SHHHHH.


OMG THESE FLAMINGOS. They appeared to be handmade with great care but I’m very gullible so who knows. That’s really it. They were just flamingos and they were adorable. I would have gotten one for my niece because she’s a real flamingo head but that gal’s Xmas shopping is DONEZO because she likes all the same things as me so is very easy to shop for. Her favorite thing to look at/search for on Instagram and YouTube is “beautiful things” so…yeah. Same.


These records were cool and I liked the way they were displayed. They weren’t just records they were DISPLAYED!!! I love to shop for records but I haven’t for a while and I haven’t even been listening to music for like 6 months because I get so sick and tired of all of the SOUNDS that happen all day that by the time I get home I’m ready to straight up sit in SILENCE and I don’t really know what’s wrong with me but that’s not really what we’re talking about here so just know that I also don’t know how to modify my record player to play these smaller ones so I didn’t get any. I’m sure I could just look up a YouTube video but again I CURRENTLY CRAVE SILENCE.


Pins are great. Pins are the greatest. There are so many kinds of pins and you can stick them all over things like backpacks and denim jackets and fanny packs and I’ll never tire of them. These pins were reasonably priced at a dollar and I should have gotten some but the woman in charge of the pins looked like she would want to chat so I avoided purchasing any. I’m sorry. And now I’ll have to live with the consequences, pinless.


Okay also there were a couple of weird religious things and if you know me you know that I am FUNDAMENTALLY OPPOSED to religion especially the kinds that would support/endorse people making and selling sweatshirts like this:

Unamused. This did provide a good moment for a joke though because no one had good service within this market I don’t know if it was because it was an old building or someone’s god put a curse on us but it was kind of fitting for the moment.

Also the woman in charge of the booth was on to us and knew we were from “the city” and started asking us questions and it came out that she had spent her summers growing up in Jersey City! How weird! She was like, “yeah it was off Bramhall we stayed with my aunt and uncle and cousins” and I was like “BUT I LIVE NEAR BRAMHALL!” And she was like “yeah.” Anyway she was super pumped on the pizza down here as anyone would be. I almost forgave her for selling that sweatshirt. But keep in mind that I did not.

Random shit

So I’ll pop some other random shit in here. There were a lot of baked goods but my friend’s dad was like “Ha! Those aren’t freshly made! They just bring em from a warehouse!” And he seemed wise so I took his word for it and did not purchase baked goods. They still looked good and I’m sure they’re good I just didn’t want to seem like I fell for any kind of farce.

There was rock candy. Which for some reason is so beautiful and cool to me. And delicious but it’s really just pure sugar. I think at one point I made rock candy as a science experiment and that solidified its inherent value in my life. It also reminds me of class trips to historical sites with “general stores” that I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED.

And there were books! I could poke around looking at old books all day…all week…all month…ALL YEAR! But I just took a pic of these because we had to get to our boat after the market and didn’t have that kinda time.

Lastly there were these dogs. I was on board with their lifestyle. They just stared at everyone that walked in and didn’t move from this bed.

Last year my friend (the same friend that took us to the Windmill Farm and Craft Fair!) told me that I should stop being such a grumpy bitch about Xmas (my words not hers’) and that getting some shopping done way before Xmas came might help me not hate it as much.

WELL SHE WAS RIGHT and I really enjoyed Xmas last year, more than I have in a while. So THIS year I’m at it again and I was getting some GIFTS at this fair but I won’t reveal what they are now because the recipients may be reading and also they’re nosy as hell.

I did get my nephew a little wooden ghost because it’s that time of year and also it’s always that time of year for him because he loves “creepy stuff” and during the visit where I gave it to him he said more than once “Shan I like this GHOST.” So like, coolest aunt ever.

Do you like farm and craft markets? Have you been to this one? Is there one closer to here I can go to that I’m not aware of?! If so please tell me. Would you like to yell at me for liking fur? It’s ok, I’ll allow it. No one is perfect. Do you appreciate the beauty of produce? If not you can get the heck out.

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  1. You look so happy with the cabbage. I think barbie’s are scary, but there little chairs were neat.

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