Last summer I aquired a roommate that had been married at some point and so she brought along with her all of the “I was married and therefore had a bridal shower at some point” appliances and one of those appliances was a Crock Pot and I was like “OMG CHILI.”

The last time I had been involved in chili making, and only as a bored witness, was in 2008 or 2009 when I had a very bossy know it all boyfriend and he made the chili as he mansplained the whole process to me and then I was forced to watch football while the chili was consumed and I wanted to jump out the window but the chili was still very good.

Me in 2008. In the process of looking for this photo I went through many other old photos and I wish I knew how much fun I would have in the entire decade following this so I wouldn’t have been so sad when bossy chili mansplainer and I broke up a few months later. Hindsight.

THIS TIME it was my turn to commandeer the chili construction and I was so pleased with how it turned out that I Crock Potted my pants off all of last winter. Now that I live in my own apartment I have been provided with my own Crock Pot and now that it is finally maybe going to be chilly I made some chili.

I got some vegetables to use in the chili at the Grove St Farmer’s Market on Monday and they were quite beautiful so let’s take a moment to reflect on the pristine and unaltered beauty of produce…

Thank you.

That’s pretty much it. I made some chili. I loosely used this recipe but Target in JC was out of ground turkey because that place is always picked clean. I don’t know who goes in there but they lose their minds and stock up on everything until the shelves are empty and it’s like there’s a hurricane coming I wasn’t aware of. I used turkey burgers instead and just mashed them up. It was fine. Everything is fine.

I also say “loosely” because I pretty much just throw a bunch of stuff in the Crock Pot and turn it on for 6 hours and hope for the best. I think this is the true beauty of the Crock Pot, the ability/freedom/poetic license to just throw stuff in it and see what happens and it more often than not comes out okay and you didn’t even have to do that much work. It’s a beautiful life.

I made a timelapse of the chili making to fully capture the fun. I’m wearing a sports bra because it wasn’t chilly in my house or in the world at this point. So maybe we can call this Sports Bra Chili and start a revolution.

Additionally here are some fun screenshots of the video to really break down the process because I’m very into the whole timelapse thing right now, it’s almost as if I only just realized I can make them on my phone, but they do move very fast.

And here is how the Sports Bra Chili turned out:

Again I’m not a food photographer or any kind of photographer this is just supposed to act as a VISUAL AID because we are a VISUAL CULTURE and SEX SELLS.

Do you like to make chili? Do you like to eat chili? Do you like to boss people around and mansplain how to make chili while you’re making chili? Or are you a better person than that?

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    1. I’ve honestly been living in silence at home for the majority of this year, it’s super weird. When I get home it’s like my sanctuary and I can’t stand to hear any sounds anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  1. I to love to make chili but mine is with beef and not the sports bra.I love mansplain and all your shannerisms!

  2. I to like to make chili but with beef and not the sports bra.I love terms like mansplain and all your Shannerisims

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