finger foods.

I have returned from my Girls Trip to Keuka Lake, a “finger lake,” and I probably will put off unpacking for the next two weeks so first let me tell you about all the things I stuffed my face with while I was away. This doesn’t include wine because that will be another post so keep in mind there was significantly more face stuffing than what you’ll read below. Just want to make sure we’re on the same page. Also I’m not a food photographer just a food stuff in my face-r so these pics are just to give you an idea not to make you like “feel an artistic experience.”


Anyone that taught cheerleading camp with me via UCA Staff (woo!) knows that Sheetz is a little slice of heaven in random pockets of Pennsylvania. It would remind my Philadelphia/South Jersey pals of Wawa (also a slice of heaven, perhaps even a higher heaven, and I don’t even believe in heaven, that can be explored in many paragraphs but we’re talking about Sheetz right now so calm down) or my other parts of New Jersey friends of Quick Check but Quick Check is garbage convenience and I regret even bringing it up and I apologize.

Sheetz has the ordering with the screens thing, they call it MTO, aka “Made to Order,” which is my ULTIMATE FAV because if I never had to speak to another person at a store again and could get everything done via robot I would be happy forever. Not naming names because I was already ordered not to name names on my “blog” but two of my “travel companions” were very confused by the MTO process and as I often feel when others are confused about things I know how to do, I didn’t understand didn’t want to try to understand so I walked around and looked for candy bars instead. They had Nutrageous with mini pieces inside! I TOLD YOU IT WAS HEAVEN.

They eventually figured out how to MTO their lives and all was well until they bit into their sandwiches and hated them. I am a bad friend and should have helped but I was too busy KILLIN IT picking out my turkey, tomato, pepper jack, spicy mayo, and maybe some other shit I forgot ON A PRETZEL ROLL.

union block.

Union Block was the joint we planned to go to all along for our first night in town fancy lady dinner. We originally planned to go to the one in Hammondsport as my friend had been and loved it, but a few days before we left we saw they now have one in Penn Yan, which is where we were staying…SERENDIPITY.

I started with a mocha cold brew martini. If you knew me when I was at Rutgers and 20.5 years old you may recall that I was OBSESSED with chocolate martinis until at least a few months after my 21st birthday. This was a nice walk down memory lane and also delicious and also pumped me up a little because I was tired AF from the journey up there.

We all shared this giant appetizer situation and I know there was bread and cheese and tomato-ish materials and also these scallions which were full on scallions with their long leaf things criss crossing across the plate and that looked pretty cool and ricotta with local honey and also deviled eggs! We enjoyed this and were glad we made this choice.

2 of the gals got a salmon spesh that looked great, one got a spicy sausage and pasta situation that they said was VERY spicy but it was like EXCITING SPICY so they were into that. I got a tuna steak over alfredo dish that was VERY GOOD. I opted for their homemade pasta as half of the pasta in the pasta portion and it was delightful. I will take this moment to say that there are many who frown upon the mixture of dairy and fish but I think dairy should be dripped and draped and dropped and wrapped around every single piece of other kinds of food so there you go. This alfredo was also very light and lemony so it went perfectly with the fishes. Cows and fishes can be friends and frolic happily across the plate together I SEEN IT.

windmill craft fair – apple cider donut.

I know you were hoping to hear about the dessert I got at Union Block but I was way too full so I’ll tell you about this tiny little apple cider donut I got the next day.

It was at the Windmill Farm and Craft Market in Penn Yan. I have a lot to say about the crafts and overall vibe of this market but this post is about the foods so I’ll just say that the donut was very small and tasted more like funnel cake than an apple cider donut which is fine with me but I’ll still have to seek out other apple cider donuts during this season.

burgers & beer.

We went boating one of the days and our tour started early than anticipated and we missed the lunch time we had planned so we were STARVING when we disembarked. It wasn’t pretty but we made our way to Hammondsport Burgers and Beer and gradually calmed the rage within.

I got a mahi sandwich and shared some truffle french fries. I was drunk and dying of starvation so of course it was delicious but I think it was also delicious despite my state of mind. Mahi anything and I’m sold. Mahi plus cheese DOUBLE SOLD (this didn’t have cheese…I don’t think? Just going full circle with the cheese. Thx.)

ice cream.

Somehow we made our way to Mac’s Dairy Bar and I say “somehow” because it was seemingly in the middle of a straight up children of the corn situation cornfield and I honestly don’t know how we ended up there. Besides my friends yelling at me for cursing in front of children (of the corn?!) (eye roll) it was a delightful time. Delightful is going to be my most used adjective in this post. It is written.

I got some kind of peanut butter and banana sundae and it had a peanut butter ice cream base which deviates from my very strict chocolate ice cream base at all times for any sundae rule but it was really, really good.


When we got home after the ice cream we lit a fire on our beach and made smores. That’s pretty much it about the smores. Although it did seem super hard to make a fire (I never made one and I didn’t this time and I probably won’t next time, I’m terrified of fire and just watch others do it from a safe distance).

so gooey.

suspicious frozen pizza.

At some point we made this frozen pizza from Aldi and it was not good at all and not fully cooked and we were especially offended by the meat but we continued to consume it anyway. Consumed it so heartily, in fact, that we all awoke with drunk roof of mouth pizza burns and scratches the next morning.

the olney place.

Two different women of Lake Keuka authority told us the owner of The Olney Place is “hot,” but we were too busy search for stuff to shove in our faces that we honestly can’t confirm or deny. We did see someone very tall holding fresh cinnamon rolls but again we were laser focused on those baked goods and couldn’t be bothered.

We got one cinnamon roll and shared it and it was SO GOOD. Don’t tell my mom because she makes these every year for Xmas but these were like the best I ever had.

I also got an egg and cheese on a roll which sounds pretty basic and I also wanted pepper jack cheese and they didn’t have it available even though it was ON THE BOARD which was disheartening but it was actually very tasty. Oh and strawberry juice! They had places to sit outside or in front of a big window looking at the lake but we took it to go and eat at home in front of our own big window looking at the lake. Because we had one.

mcgregor cheese plate.

We went on a wine tour one day which will be described in full but I would like to focus on the cheese plate here. We went to a couple of wineries and really started to get hungry for cheese and it was getting later and we didn’t know if we would get this cheese plate but then SOMEHOW WE DID and there was also a dog and it was a fantastic moment. It seemed to me that McGregor was one of the more high up in altitude wineries with a really good view of the lake and also the trees or vines or whatever wine grows on. They had really nice rocking chairs with little side tables PERFECT FOR CHEESE PLATES and all was right with the world.

Don’t ask me what kind of cheese or meat that is, just know that I enjoyed it.

taco night.

On the last night there we made tacos! At first when my one friend was like “Let’s make dinner one night!” in my head I was like “ugh…’make dinner’? WHY.” But then I really had fun and enjoyed the tacos we made. And I was like “why do I have to be such a dick all the time? Why can’t I just make tacos with my friends and think it’s a cool idea because it is? WHY.”

They were just ground turkey with peppers and onions, we got a jar of queso and added hot sauce and put it in the microwave, store bought salsa and guacamole, nothing fancy.

It was fun to cook together and we also danced around and I made a timelapse of the whole thing and I’m working on permission to share it. Permission from my friends. They told me not to but I’m going to keep asking. Cool good talk.

wegman’s sub.

FINAL MEAL OF THE TRIP…was a Wegman’s sub. I don’t have a Wegman’s close to me in JC because I don’t have a car. I COULD drive to one in Bridgewater if I did but why would I drive all the way to Bridgewater? OH, FOR WEGMAN’S? YES I WOULD.

Don’t really know where that random piece of popcorn came from.

This was a large everything roll (EVERYTHING…ROLL!) with turkey, spicy ham, salami, pepper jack, tomato, cucumber, and sriracha spread. WHAT?! IT WAS INCREDIBLE THAT’S WHAT. I don’t know why I got a large because it was enormous but then I had dinner for later. I also got jalepeno kettle chips, a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and a fountain drink but it wasn’t any normal fountain drink it was a COKE FREESTYLE MACHINE which I will never stop being obsessed with even if it turns me into a freestyle coke machine.

And that’s it! Have you ever been to Keuka Lake/Penn Yan/ Hammondsport? Did I miss anything? Am I wrong about anything? Are you able to operate the MTO machine at Sheetz? Just checking.

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